Top Resume Writing Services Reviews

We reviewed nearly a dozen professional writing services based on their pricing.

  • On-time delivery is guaranteed.
  • Safe payment options.
  • Affordable rates.
  • 24/7 support from customer care.

Rating: 4,9/5

Price: From $17

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Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • 14+ years on the market
  • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • 24/7 uptime of the contact team.
  • Big selection of school fields.

Rating: 4,5/5

Price: From $12.46

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • A simple ordering process
  • Free school essay samples.
  • A cool blog with helpful school tips.
  • Friendly and understanding client support.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $12.46

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 2.0 Hours

  • Providing aid for more than 10 years.
  • Great emphasis on each tasks’ originality.
  • Strict compliance with the instructions.
  • Lots of experts readily available.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $15

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • Extremely affordable ­– from $11/page
  • A quick expert assignment process.
  • Highly secured with web protocols.
  • Safe customer protection policy.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $11

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours


When it comes to a job search, job seekers quickly realize that they need a good-looking resume. A resume is a brief yet comprehensive document summarizing your key strengths, qualifications, skills, education, training, and professional experience in your area of specialization.

For example, suppose you are a Software Engineer. In that case, you need to specify where you learned Software Engineering (higher education and relevant courses), what skills in this area you possess, what sub-areas you specialize in, where you worked, and what tasks you accomplished.

Resumes are a vital instrument for the recruiter to determine whether you’re a good fit for the vacancy in their company. As a rule, contenders are screened by specific criteria. So your killer strategy to get the dream job is to compose a recruiter-friendly, consistent, and comprehensive resume showcasing your talent and “selling” you as a professional to the employer.

Resumes are significant not only to first-time job seekers; every self-respecting professional should renew their resume from time to time so that the document highlights their latest achievements and new skills. People planning to change the job, desiring a career shift to a new area, or applying for a higher position within their company all need a great resume.

However, the problem with writing a good one is persistent even among experienced job seekers. The problem is psychological; you can’t sell yourself by showcasing your talents the way a detached person would do. We are all a bit shy to tell how good we are at our profession, and once we cross the verge of modesty, we risk falling prey to uncontrolled self-praise.

A wise decision, in this case, is to use the help of professionals who will take an objective look at the list of your competencies and summarize your valuable experience effectively. Choosing the exemplary service may be a hassle as all of them claim to be superb, but only a handful really deliver on their promises.

To help you out, we have compiled the list of the top resume writing services reviews on this website. Use our rating and resume writing reviews for websites offering such services to select only top-rated, credible service providers. Your new job is not worth the risk of entrusting resume writing to some dubious agencies!

Best Resume Writing Services

We have searched the Web and have found some top-quality providers of resume writing services. Here is a shortlist of our expert review winners heading our rating by balancing writing quality, speed, customer support, and the pricing policy for this type of writing service.

Next to each website’s name, you can click on the link to read more detailed reviews on resume writing services we’ve distinguished.

  • A simple process of ordering, with few packages available
  • 2-4 days of the deadline (you’ll receive your resume quite quickly)
  • Modest prices (the cost of a one-page resume starts at $76)
  • 24/7 support of qualified managers
  • Constant availability of a large writer team

  • A 15% discount on the first order covering resume services as well
  • The excellent reputation of the agency based on DMCA, Trustpilot, and SiteJabber reviews
  • 24/7 online support for customers
  • Timely delivery (2-4 days of the deadline for resume services)
  • 14-day free revision period on all resumes
  • Affordable prices (starting at $60 for a one-page resume due in 4 days)

  • A 15% discount code available on all orders
  • Excellent reputation based on reviews of students from Yale, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago
  • A robust money-back policy for unsatisfactory resume services
  • Availability of 100+ qualified writers
  • McAfee security of the website ensuring client privacy and confidentiality

How to Find a Professional Resume Writing Service

As soon as you start looking for a job or see an attractive vacancy publication online, you may start thinking of crafting a killer resume to win that position. But where should you go, and to whom should you turn to get a bulletproof resume without pitying the involvement with scams or unqualified, inexperienced writers?

Here are some tips on the initial search for credible services:

  • Ask friends. Your peers have undoubtedly had the experience of looking for a job before. They might have found some service that did a resume for them. Their feedback can help you determine the websites to turn (and not to turn) to whether they were satisfied or not.
  • Go online. You can find tons of professional resume writers online; just Google them. However, this method is the least productive as you can get caught up by a scam company heavily investing in its online advertising and fake testimonials. Also, online visibility is not a guarantee of top quality; keep that in mind when paying money to the next “top provider” of resume services.
  • Search on social media. There’s nothing better for a top-quality company than the word of mouth of satisfied customers. Thus, you can make a quick check on Facebook or Reddit to see what people say about this or that company.
  • Use our professional resume writing service reviews. If you lack time for an independent search and choose a bulletproof provider, you can look through reviews on our website. A team of meticulous experts with a keen eye for detail has been working to produce the rating of top resume service providers you can trust. So, you can grab any from our list, being sure that your order will be performed with skill and competence.

Top Criteria for Choosing the Best Resume Writing Service

If you have decided to look for resume providers yourself, here are some vital criteria to consider. Make sure to check all of them before paying to a website as there are too many scams online, and you need to be confident in the service before entrusting your fate-deciding resume to them.

Writer Qualifications

We take a close look at what the company says about its writers. Resume writing is a distinct skill that one does not possess naturally. Nevertheless, people study to craft good resumes, and they get licensed as resume writers, as a rule. The golden standard for resume specialization is CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) certification showing that your writer is a recognized professional in this area.

Add-ons and Service Range

Resumes are often not enough to get a dream job. Most candidates also offer cover letters or follow-up letters to present themselves professionally in the online applications. Thus, if the company avails of ordering additional documents, it is a plus to its reputation as a resume writing service.

24/7 Support Team

Customers need to feel confident that their inquiries will be addressed at any time of day and night. So, the availability of support round the clock is a benefit of any online service provider.

ATS Assessment of the Resume

Many large companies first filter the contenders’ resumes with the help of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Thus, your non-optimized resume risks ending up in the trash if it cannot pass the ATS filter.

Data Confidentiality

One of the critical aspects of website quality is its ability to protect your personal and banking data. So, we check the encryption methods of websites to recommend only secure ones.

Red Flags for Resume Writing Services

Even after you’ve made sure that the company can indeed provide the service you need, double-check their website for some common red flags suggesting a scam or fraud.

  • Legal information about the provider.

If the company conceals its physical address or ownership, you may get in trouble once trying to get your money back. You’ll have nobody to turn to.

  • One-size-fits-all approach.

Companies that provide the “one-size” resume service to everyone turn out to be non-competent in the area, as a rule. Resumes for beginners, professionals, executives, military servants, and career changers are different. Resumes and CVs are written by following different structures and content. So, if you’re offered to pay for a resume and stipulate the details later, it seems that your writer doesn’t take these specifics into account.

  • Too long or too short deadlines.

If the website says that they need two weeks to compose their resume or swear to do the task in 3 hours, both situations should seem alarming. A typical deadline for a resume is from 48 hours to one week, within which the writer will have enough time to clarify all details with you and complete a 1- to a 2-page document.

How Do We Determine the Top Resume Writing Service?

As you might have understood, the primary purpose of our website is to bring customers and top-quality resume writing providers together.

Our team of reviewers makes a careful review of every new company coming to our radar to see whether this provider is worth your time and money. We understand that the Internet is unsafe, especially for buying such intangible online services as resume writing. Thus, we test the service on our own before recommending it to you.

In this way, we cover the critical aspects of website functioning and service quality, such as:

  • The pricing policy of the resume writing company

whether the resumes are moderately priced, affordable to clients with tight budgets, or the rates are too high for job seekers.

  • The range of services provided in the resume writing area

whether the company tackles only resume writing or covers additional services (CV writing, editing of the clients’ files, cover letter writing, etc.)

  • Writer professionalism

if the website says that its resume writers are CPRW-certified, it becomes an additional positive point in the company’s rating.

  • Payment options and money-back guarantee

most clients are concerned about their funds’ safety, so we analyze how the website organizes payments, whether it uses safe gateways for fund processing, what payment options it allows, and whether it is ready to return the funds if the client is dissatisfied.

  • The company itself writes customer reviews

most customer reviews published on the website, so there is little weight given to on-site testimonials. Instead, we further analyze and study the website reviews on Trustpilot, SiteJabber, Reddit, and Yelp, among others.

Careful analysis of all the points mentioned above is an excellent opportunity to take a comprehensive perspective on the company’s service quality. We take into account the website’s user-friendliness, the pocket-friendliness of prices, and the quality that clients receive, together with the actual users’ reviews, thus being able to come up with a truthful, objective assessment of each provider.

Who Reviews the Companies?

You might be wondering who composes the resume writing services reviews for our website. We have developed a multi-stage process of expert review that involves a personal investigation of the website, a test order from the reviewed company, and a thorough analysis of customer reviews and experiences.


Here is an FAQ section in which we compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions troubling those who plan to use professional resume writing services.

Look through them to see whether this information can help you select the most suitable service provider.

What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

The primary purpose is job search, as it highlights the person’s professional skills, work experience, and achievements. Therefore, it is needed for the job search. A CV (Curriculum Vitae), in contrast, is used primarily for academic purposes as it is a professional summary complemented with a list of research and academic publications.

What Are the Benefits of a Professionally Written Resume?

An expert-looking and professionally composed resume present you as a professional in the best possible manner. Recruiters typically have little time on resume scanning, so they take a glance at the sections of their primary interest. Thus, if you don’t have vital information placed correctly in the resume, you may risk losing an excellent job opportunity.

How Does the Resume Writing Process Work?

Once you contact a resume writing company and ask them to complete your resume, you shouldn’t expect a miracle. The writer assigned to your task doesn’t know you personally and has no clue about your professional experience and employment ambitions.

Thus, to get a resume meeting (and exceeding) your expectations, you should provide the complete list of your professional experience, educational credentials, training, and skills you have in the professional area. It’s also vital to give some achievements that you can be proud of as a specialist, which can win you additional points in the process of competing for a dream position.