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2. Will VarsityTutors Boost or Blow Your Academic Skills? is a top-rated online platform providing an all-inclusive tutoring service to students. Since its launch in 2007, it is still growing as the best innovative learning technology in the education sector. It is a modern learning portal that links students and expert tutors in diverse academic fields. From kindergarten to college, you can get extensive learning resources from qualified tutors. Varsity Tutors is an exceptional site for all your tutoring solutions. Open the official site and choose a study plan that works well for you. Whether you want a private tutor, a virtual class, or test prep, Varistytutors has got you covered. With tutors spread across the major cities, you can get a comprehensive one-on-one session. Though the website is professionally designed, it has cluttered information, making it challenging for a new user to navigate through the site with ease. Expect top-notch results in your exams after using Varsity tutor test prep, improve your subject scores and become an efficient learner on this platform. Our comprehensive review aims to disclose whether Varsity tutors deliver 100% customer satisfaction as it claims on the site. We will cover various aspects such as services, customer support, payment, social reviews, and whether this tutoring platform is legitimate.

varsitytutors desktop

3. Study Options Offered by

Customers can visit the official site and access a wide array of services. The Varsity Tutors online platform is a hive of tutoring activities that aims to boost the performance of all students, regardless of academic level and subject. You can get professional Varsity tutors to help at your convenience and ace your test without any struggles. The Varsity Tutors online tutoring site offers the following core services:

  1. Physical tutoring one-on-one sessions.
  2. Online tutoring in virtual classes.
  3. Test prep for college applicants.
  4. Academic writing assistance.
  5. Homeschooling services.
Varsity tutors company has a competent team of qualified professionals in different subject disciplines. Visit the site and pick an appropriate service, and the company will link you with a competent expert to take you through the tutoring session.

4. How to Get Started with Varsity Tutors

Order placement and registration go hand in hand at Varsity tutors. A tab prompts you to ‘get started,’ or a Varsity Tutors sign-in button on the home page. If you are a new user, click the ‘get started’ tab to begin the registration and order placement process. You have to choose a product by clicking on either one-on-one tutoring or free and paid classes. Proceed to pick your grade level, and it will take you to the account creation page. You have to enter your email address to proceed to the next step of filling out your details – name and password.

Moreover, you have to check the box to show you have accepted the terms of the Varsity tutors app. After registration, you can use the Varsity tutors login tab to access your account and place your tutoring orders efficiently. Generally, we found the order placement and registration process quite cumbersome, with so many steps to follow. New users might not follow through to the last step.

5. Varsitytutors Prices

With no mention of a pricing structure, most clients often wonder, ‘how much does varsity tutors cost?’ The site does not have an automatic calculator or public display of Varsity Tutors prices. The system prompts you to enter your details to get a tutor. Include your name, email, telephone number, and zip code, and the site managers will email all the information and the Varsity Tutors prices. It is imperative to note that the Varsity Tutors cost depends on the location, academic level, service type, among other aspects.

6. Contact Information

Reliable support is a critical aspect in ensuring seamless service delivery. Varsity Tutors customer service is quite limiting, according to our observation. An only communication tool is a telephone number displayed on the site’s home page. You can’t fail to see it when you open the website. There is no section for Varsity Tutors contact information, and the site does not have a live chat feature or email address as alternative support options.

varsitytutors contact number

Apart from contacting support for inquiries or solutions, you can also place your order through the Varsity Tutors phone number.

7. Global Reach

Varsity tutors site connects students across the globe with professional tutors in remote locations. Varsity Tutors headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri, with branches in big cities across the USA.

varsitytutors top locations

According to Varsity Tutors Glassdoor reviews, the company is among the largest companies, with over 4,000 employees working remotely. You can get the Varsity Tutors address on the official site and find the best tutors in your location.

8. Promotional Offers

The company offers Varsity Tutors scholarships for needy students who need tuition fees. However, you have to write an essay and promote your entry to win. You have to peruse through the site pages to find the Varsity Tutors college scholarship contest page. But there are no discounts or promotions on the site.

9. Reddit Reviews about Varsity Tutors

Most Varsity Tutors Reddit reviews are not detailed enough to establish the quality of services. Here is a link to one Reddit Varsity Tutors discussion from a former employee. The review shows how frustrating it is to work for Varsity Tutors.

10. How People Rate VarsityTutors

Most social sites have high and poor ratings on Varsity Tutors reviews. It is quite suspicious that SiteJabber does not have any review of Varsity Tutors, while Trustpilot has endless positive reviews of Varsity Tutors.

11. Jobs for Tutors

Joining the competent team requires you first to access the career section and apply for a Varsity Tutors job within your qualifications. The site displays numerous job openings, both full-time and part-time remote work. Each job has a detailed description of the roles, qualifications, and employee benefits. If your Varsity Tutors job application is successful, the recruiters will contact you for an interview to discuss the rates. Current job openings include Senior Software Engineer, Account Manager, Sales Coordinator, Legal Intern, and iOS engineer. Visit the site and complete the Varsity Tutors application process on the relevant job posting. As per several Varsity Tutors job reviews on Glassdoor, the tutoring company is a great place to work with flexible schedules and decent salaries. Though there are a few complaints, many comments praise the company for the incredible employee benefits.

12. Our Final Opinion

The Varsity Tutors platform provides an all-inclusive online tutoring platform that aims to boost students’ performance globally. You can access both free academic resources and paid services depending on the subject and academic level. Since its launch, continues to become the number one site for tutoring solutions. Regardless of a few complaints and poor ratings from several review sites, the company has carved a niche in the academic industry. Most students who grapple with specific subjects or have oncoming exams can turn to Varsity tutors for assistance. It is a legit online platform, and we would recommend students to give it a shot and get top-notch tutoring sessions, both one-on-one and virtually.

13. Key Advantages & Disadvantages


Many tutoring experts.

Tutoring in different subject fields.

International customers.

Virtual classes.

Free academic resources.


The site does not display prices.

Cumbersome registration process.

14. Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have tons of questions regarding this service. No one wants to take a gamble their money, let alone their studies. Here are answers to some common queries.

Are Varsity Tutors Legally Operating?

Most clients often wonder, ‘Is Varsity tutors legit?’ Not all companies are genuine, and you must research extensively before using any online service. With numerous satisfaction guarantees displayed on the Varsity tutors site, it seems like a legit customer-oriented company. It recruits highly certified tutors who understand what it takes to prep for tests and to improve scores. Moreover, the company provides free resources on the site that many students can access with ease. You can access Varsity Tutors legit services and improve your test scores.

Is a Safe Choice for Learners?

Safety is paramount in any online platform, and that is why you might ask, ‘Is Varsity tutors safe?’ As per the information on the site, the Varsity Tutors site is safe since the developers implanted advanced security measures to safeguard the customers’ interests. But if you continue reading the privacy policy, the company state that it does not guarantee information safety 100%, which leaves room for doubt. Conversely, it offers customers an alternative of order placement via the telephone instead of filling card information online.

Are There Any Fake VarsityTutors?

Is Varsity tutors a scam? We can’t verify if Varsity Tutors is a scam website because it delivers specific tutoring requests from different clients. It operates within the ethical parameters with stringent policies to guide the tutors and customers. Though former employees leave bad reviews on sites due to low payments, it doesn’t mean the site is a scam. You can read the Varsity tutors FAQ section to get more information about the company’s operations. Thus, visit the website and benefit from the free learning resources, regardless of the many Varsity Tutors scam reviews online.

Can Varsity Tutors Help with Test Preparation?

Varsity Tutors practice test is available on the website as a free resource. Students can prepare for exams in different subject areas. Whether you want a test prep for Varsity Tutors SAT or Varsity tutors MCAT, the platform has you covered. The site offers free learning tools that maximize knowledge testing and improves scores since each question has detailed analysis and explanations. Moreover, you can access a Varsity Tutors GRE, SAT, and ACT guide book for revision purposes to help you ace your certification tests. An overall impression of the Varsity Tutors platform is that it is an exceptional service that offers free concept-based learning with interactive lessons and practice tests free.

15. Social Reviews

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