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2. Time4writing.com: Hack Your Writing Skills or Waste Time for Nothing?

You find your greatest inspiration when reading a good book. Every word illuminates you. Every brilliant metaphor speaks to the heart. You wish you could write texts like this. But there’s always a “but,” right? Having insecurities is okay unless they stand between you and your dream. Whether you want to write iconic pieces like Fitzgerald or hope to submit better research papers for the sake of your GPA, time4writing is the service to turn your goals into results. At least that’s what they promise. A company that helps inexperienced beginners in writing to pave their way to success. Time 4 writing focuses on writing programs solely, distinguishing from other learning platforms specializing in various disciplines.

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Our goal is to evaluate whether they are worth the try, the time, and the money.

3. What You Can Get from Time4writing.com

Time4writing is an online provider of versatile writing courses. From beginner to high-school level, it offers a specialized learning program that perfectly meets your learning objectives. If you wish to work on your grammar or sentence structure, basic mechanics, or writing enhancement, time 4 writing is your go-to choice. However, we find the course variety a bit strange. There are similar courses for different educational levels. Plus, most courses are pre-recorded and outdated; we recommend looking for a more up-to-date website with learning programs. And we hope that time 4 writing owners will enhance website design and content to make it more user-friendly and convenient.

5. Why Pay Ahead?

It is strange, we agree. Plus, the placement test is scheduled after the payment is completed. In other words, if you dislike something about your final appointment, the only way to get your money back is via a refund. And here’s how you can request it: “All payments to Time4Writing are non-refundable, and no refunds or credits will be issued, except as provided herein. Individual Users who pay by credit card or Paypal™ have 14-days from the date they redeem a token to cancel that course and request a refund, provided the token is redeemed within 90 days of purchase.”

6. Time4writing’s Managers & Support Team

If you need help, the only way to get it is via the phone. This is, probably, the greatest shortcoming of Time4writing. How can an online company hold communication processes by phone only? Ignoring a live chat is their biggest disadvantage.

time4writing.com contact us page

We bet many students have had questions they were willing to discuss online. Millennials aren’t the ones to dial the phone, so we hope that time4writing’s management will note this surreal drawback.

7. Time4writing.com: How to Pay Less

The sad news is that the time4writing coupon doesn’t exist. The company ignores any promotional and marketing strategies. Without a budget-friendly time4writing promo code, you ought to pay $119 for a single course. That is a standard subscription, and it doesn’t depend on the package level of proficiency or type of the learning program. Note that time4writing.com accepts payment with credit cards and PayPal.

8. Time4writing.com: Reddit Review

Another sad news is that the time4writing review is nowhere to be found. Reddit users seem to have nothing to share about this company. Don’t worry, though. We found interesting testimonials on other reputable review websites.

9. Time4writing.com: Trustpilot Rating

The only time4writing reviews that exist up to this date are published on Trustpilot. Other sites, like Sitejabber and Reddit, have no reviews (and it is strange). Overall, there are 200+ time 4 writing reviews with an average score of 3.9 stars. 61% of users find their services amazing, 9% think they’ve wasted time and money. Read a few opinions below. “My daughter enjoyed this course very much. It was challenging and fun and it really helped expand on and improve my daughter's writing skills. I could see a clear difference between her ability to write a clear and informative paragraph from when she began to when she completed the course. We will be continuing with this program.” - Ephraim Jacobson “Trying to cancel time4 writing. It doesn't actually teach the kid anything. I would not recommend this for kids who already have a hard time thinking how to write. This is for kids who are able to write and want to write better.” - Tolley We appreciated that time4writing managers reply to both good and bad reviews, offering help, contact information, and other suggestions.

10. Conclusion

Time4Writing is a trustworthy learning platform with paid courses about writing. It is not a perfect fit for everyone. The course isn’t customized to meet your individual needs. Yet, every program is focused on a specific topic and is available only for only $119. The choice of whether to trust time4writing or not is yours.

11. Key Advantages & Disadvantages


12. Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have tons of questions regarding this service. No one wants to take a gamble their money, let alone their studies. Here are answers to some common queries.

Is Time4writing.com Legit?

Yes, it is legit.

Is Time4writing.com Safe?

Apart from a shady money-back guarantee and up-front payments, the company is safe.

Is Time4writing.com a Scam?

Judging from customer experiences, the company is not a scam. However, since some customers still find these services insufficient, we advise you to be extra careful and talk with the manager in advance (to clarify all the details).

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