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2. StudyPool Review: What Makes It a Special Service?

Academic help can come in various forms, be it a complete essay, research paper writing from scratch, or tutoring and support in learning that help you excel in personal, educational processes. Studypool is one such helpful resource; the website doesn’t offer academic writing from scratch but connects students with tutors who can help them in their studies. The majority of Studypool review information is positive online, with students reporting practical help and tutors sharing positive work experiences. Still, some skeptics point out that this website is a concealed form of academic writing, with students receiving little valuable help or advice there. Hence, we have compiled a Study Pool review to show our users whether the provider is legit and reliable.

StudyPool desktop

You can use this information to decide whether it’s worth spending your money on their academic services or it’s better to seek professional academic support elsewhere.

3. Studypool’s Services

The list of services provided by tutors on this website is impressive. It covers Business, Humanities, Mathematics, Programming, Science, Writing, and so much more. Within each of these broad subjects, students can stipulate the sub-area of interest (e.g., if you specialize in humanities, you can order help in Cultural Studies, Urban Planning, Graphic Design, etc.). Besides live tutoring from credited specialists, students can buy ready-made documents for reference and study help. Some examples of these doc templates include study notes, exam notes, and study guides.

StudyPool subjects

4. Account Login & Order

The website’s interface is organized quite simply and intuitively, which makes its navigation quick and hassle-free. At the top of the main page, there are the Studypool login and Studypool signup buttons that clients can use to get into their personal cabinets and access the provider’s services. Once you have created an account, you can use the Studypool sign-in function to shop around, deposit funds to your account, and start posting questions of interest.

StudyPool sign up

5. Payment Options

Overall, the problem with Studypool’s cost and payment analysis is that there is no information about the cost of its services anywhere on the website. It seems like only the registered users can get a glimpse of what the service will cost them. Besides, it’s common that you realize that price for the help you need only after you post the question and wait for bids from tutors. Based on the list of their bids, you can determine which price is acceptable for you, choosing a specific tutor for collaboration. The company also has a money-back policy for clients who feel unfairly treated or have received subpar assistance. The cases that Studypool covers with the money-back warranty include abuse of Terms and Conditions (or abuse of the client by the tutor) delayed deliveries, unoriginal works, incomplete answers, and lack of further help from the tutor (non-responsiveness to clarification requests).

6. Ways to Request Support

Unfortunately, the level of Studypool support quality is by far dissatisfying. There is only a live chat option available for new users (probably there are more communication channels for registered clients that they can access inside their cabinets). There are no emails or hotlines available, and the live chat support is too slow to be regarded as 24/7 support in the classical understanding of this word.

7. Discount Codes

We have searched wide across the Internet but couldn’t find any Studypool promo code that could give new clients a discount. However, there is a special offer for clients bringing new users to the website. If you have an account and your friend registers using your link, you get $10 in bonuses or a chance to receive some academic answers free of charge.

8. Reddit Review

There is a Studypool Reddit group, and the discussion of Studypool is also present in several other threads. Still, all information there relates only to working in this company as a tutor. We have found no reviews from users of the service there.

9. Social Reviews

Numerous Studypool reviews on social websites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot suggest that the provider enjoys a positive reputation among people. The company’s rating on Trustpilot is currently 4.1 stars out of 5 (based on 225 reviews), and the number of positive reviews exceeds 75%. SiteJabber contains 278 reviews of Studypool, based on which it is rated with 3.81 stars out of 5, thus ranking the 9th in the website’s list of tutoring resources.

10. Overall Impression

Our review proved once more that Studypool is an excellent example of a tutoring website that students wishing to study on their own but needing some academic help from time to time can safely use. Here, you can get any academic question answered (and some reviewers say that you can ask your tutor to write an assignment from scratch, though the Honor Code prohibits such practices). Still, there are some nuances to consider, especially the absence of transparent services and slow, non-responsive website support.

11. Key Advantages & Disadvantages


Realistic assistance in learning.

Availability of qualified tutors.

Live discussions with experts boosting the learning progress.

Ability to negotiate a price due to the bidding principle.

Coverage of numerous subjects and topics.


No transparency about pricing.

Few payment methods are available.

A cumbersome website with many complexities in its use.

Writers’ complaints of high commissions and non-transparent hiring processes.

12. Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have tons of questions regarding this service. No one wants to take a gamble their money, let alone their studies. Here are answers to some common queries.

Is Studypool Legit?

All prospective users might be wondering, “Is Studypool legit?” Our answer is affirmative as the company indeed enjoys a good reputation online, with positive reviews coming from both clients and tutors. All legal information is available on the website, so users are safe in legal terms.

Is Studypool a Scam?

We haven’t seen any Studypool scam accusations across the Web, which suggests that there are no problems of this kind with the website. Users never complained of fraud or cheating on the part of tutors they worked with.

Is Studypool Cheap or Expensive?

Speaking about the price of Studypool services, it depends on your budget and expectations. Tutors give varying bids depending on their expertise and the amount of required work, so you can always choose among the bids and stop on the most reasonable one.

13. Social Reviews

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