Gonerdify.com: a Service of Broken Promises?

Nerdify is a relatively popular homework help service. It was founded in September 2015 by 2 LSE graduates. Although it has an unorthodox ordering process and hides its pricing matrix, it’s generally a well-received platform.

Go Nerdify is an okay option if you don’t want to look for better services because it’s legit and relatively safe for you. If you want to know more, read our in-depth review of the platform.

Services Offered by Gonerdify.com

The website doesn’t have an explicit, traditional order form to look through available enter order information and enter assignment information. GoNerdify makes you order either via text messages or Facebook messenger.

So, to find out whether they can do your task, you must reach out to them, which can be a bit annoying. Still, as we’ve checked, they do all the typical writing-based assignments:

  • Paper writing.
  • Academic editing.
  • Proofreading.

Rating: 4.7

Creating Account on Gonerdify.com

As you’ve already guessed, GoNerdify isn’t an ordinary website — there’s no ‘login’ or ‘order’ button. The ordering process takes place only through texting, the additional materials are sent onto their email, and sign-up happens with the first order.

gonerdify order process

Maybe some people prefer this way of creating an order, but it’s a big pain in the neck for people who would like to fill everything out at once. Additionally, the customer account is nothing special to talk about, providing you with minimal activities.

Rating: 3.8

Gonerdify’s Pricing Policy

Another thing that you won’t find on GoNerdify is a clearly defined pricing matrix. You won’t know the cost of your assignment until the moment you’ve wasted up to 20 minutes on ordering and have to pay.

The payment options they offer are nothing special or unique — safe and well-known:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

gonerdify payment options

According to the independent customer reviews, you can get your money back, as they have honest financial guarantees.

Rating: 4.2

How to Contact Gonerdify.com

You can contact them either on their Facebook group or request a text-back to your phone on their website. As you’re continuing to use their service, their support email might come up, but we don’t recommend using it, as they can take their time responding to emails. Still, communicating with GoNerdify is an acquired taste.

gonerdify contact us

The general experience from their support is ok — sometimes they answer quickly, sometimes you have to wait up to 10 minutes for an answer but never too long. The support team member tries their best to solve customer issues.

Rating: 4.3

Discounts & Sales

It’s possible to receive a discount from the service in two easy ways — either to refer a friend or leave a positive review on Facebook or SiteJabber. Then, you’ll receive a code with which you can add funds to your account balance. Although asking for positive reviews for discounts is a dubious practice, the markdown is still nice.

Rating: 4.3

Gonerdify.com: Reddit Review

There are not that many nerdify Reddit posts, and it seems that these posts are simple marketing endeavors from the platform. The Redditors mostly disregarded such posts:

“Man, that title sounds like spam.”

“…I think it is just badly worded, maybe.”

Rating 3.7

Gonerdify.com: Media Response

Although the nerdify reviews on Reddit were nowhere to be seen — SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Facebook tell a different story. Most of the Go Nerdify reviews are extremely positive, which is reassuring.

Only one in approximately 40 or 50 is a negative Nerdify review. Considering most accounts that post reviews are real — most people are satisfied with the service (or just want to get that discount).

Rating: 4.8

Gonerdify Entry Requirements

Anyone in their 3rd year of higher education or higher can apply to work as a ‘Nerd’ on the platform. Reportedly the job interview and tests are quite hard. However, the reviews on GlassDoor indicate that being a Nerd is awesome and empowers them with decent pay and cool perks.

Rating: 4.5



  • Quick ordering process.
  • Many service Nerds from different fields.
  • Support team members care about their work.


  • No clear pricing matrix.
  • Dubious marketing practices.
  • Texting/chatting can be highly tedious.

Rating: 4.2

Is Gonerdify.com Legal?

To answer the question “Is Nerdify legit?” — we can safely say that it is. They make good on most of their promises and deliver finished orders most of the time. Is Nerdify safe to use? It seems to be an average, run-of-the-mill writing service. So, there’s no debate over whether Nerdify is legit.

Rating: 4.5

Is Gonerdify.com Reliable?

The only thing website specifies as secure are the afore-mentioned payment options. Whether Facebook or text messaging is discrete and safe — we can’t know for sure.

Rating: 4.1

Is Gonerdify.com a Scam?

Although the platform seems legit, negative reviews from customers exist that say they were scammed out of their money by ‘Nerdify Me.’ Most likely, there has been a misunderstanding in the interpretation of the service’s policies.

Rating: 4.3

Is Gonerdify.com Overpriced?

By experimenting with assignment requirements, we found out that the lowest Nerdify prices start somewhere at $20. However, that’s a price for one page of academic content. As you can guess, prices grow rapidly with bigger tasks. The platform being pricier than the market average wouldn’t be a problem if only it were open about its pricing politics.

Rating: 4.2

Is Gonerdify.com Late with Deliveries?

When it comes to setting deadlines for orders, the platform always leaves the right of determining how fast it can deliver finished results to itself. The speed of completion of your assignment will wholly depend on Nerd availability, its size, and complexity. We had no problems with the Nerds doing our test tasks on time.

Rating: 4.4

Final Opinion

All in all, GoNerdify.com is an okay option when it comes to writing services. It’s most definitely not a scam, but it has its cons. When choosing this platform to delegate your school load to, you’ll most likely have no major issues arising in the process.