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A quick search on EssayService.com will reveal more than one negative review. If you’re looking for academic writing companies, you’ll find a review or two about the poor quality of the service. Your first instinct is to run for the hills. Who wants to lose money when the evidence of it is in the review? The EssayService reviews you’re coming across are accurate. The company is among the least trustworthy service providers online. They not only make false promises but also never meet customers’ expectations concerning quality. If you’re going to ignore that review and give the service the benefit of the doubt, don’t.

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In this review for EssayService, we explore aspects of the platform that prove it’s a scam. Find out why you should keep searching if you consider this company as your first choice.

3. Are EssayService Scammers?

Is EssayService legit? Far from it! According to Sense Academics, several things differentiate a good academic writing service from a bad one. Some of these features include:

  • Impressive brand value;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Transparent and fair pricing;
  • Experienced writers;
  • Security.
The “EssayService scam” review is so popular because the company fails on all these fronts. For starters, you won’t miss a negative review from customers who used their service. The platform also doesn’t offer a pricing calculator. There is no way to review how much your order will cost until you complete the order form. Is EssayService unsafe? Don’t get us started on the website’s safety! The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the company’s webpage is your antivirus warning. It means the platform is unsafe, and you’re at risk of phishing and other fraudulent activities.

4. EssayService.com Services | What to Expect

So, what quality does EssayService com provide you with? Like most unscrupulous companies out to trick students of their money, this company oversells its services. Based on the review they get from students, it’s clear these are just empty promises. EssayService service has the following to provide:

  • Multiple but poor services: while the company offers many services, they don’t meet any requirements;
  • Substandard quality: customers received not edited papers;
  • Hidden charges: you can’t add the academic level of your paper to review full price;
  • Bidding: writers bid for higher prices than provided by the company;
  • Unreliable support: they use only a Chabot and don’t have phone numbers, Skype, or email addresses.

5. EssayService Paper Quality — Not Native Writers

Another thing you can’t rely on EssayService writing company to do is providing quality papers. Most leading academic writing companies hire native English speakers. This platform doesn’t. Based on a review about obvious issues in essays, it’s clear they have non-native writers. You also shouldn’t rely on EssayService quality because most of their writers don’t have the necessary qualifications. Customers left more than one review about getting plagiarized papers and having a difficult time requesting refunds. An experienced and qualified writer knows that plagiarism is an offense and knows how to work around it. Some clients also complain that they got complete rewrites when they’d requested revisions. Others review and say that the papers don’t follow the instructions provided. Again, it proves that the company doesn’t have strict vetting processes.

6. EssayService Registration and Design

EssayService login is also quite confusing. It’s difficult to tell if you have to sign up on their website before placing an order. The signup, order, and login buttons are the first things you’ll see on the homepage. Clicking all these buttons lead to the same page.

essayservice signup

Besides the EssayService signup, customers can’t reach the support team — another red flag. For a first-time client who’s not been on the site before, all these features can be confusing. There is also a lot going on each webpage, which also makes navigation complicated. The overall design is okay, but they would benefit from using fewer items on the website.

7. EssayService — High Prices

EssayService prices review is also quite negative. Students say that the calculator showed one price, and they ended up paying more. It probably got to do with the review and bidding process the company has in place. Using EssayService coupon code means you should pay less. However, it won’t matter if the writer demands more. For instance, if the discount code gives you 20% off your $20 bill, you should pay $16. Still, if all the writers want $25 and above for the paper, you’ll spend much more. The fact that you can’t add your academic level is also another red flag. Most reliable companies offer this option because they understand that all papers can’t be equal in pricing. Besides, it should make the process of choosing a writer easier. Even with EssayService discount code, an undergraduate essay can’t possibly be the same price as a Ph.D. thesis. It beats logic. However, at this writing service, anything’s possible. The worst part is that the platform does not offer a refund guarantee. It is a big red flag in the academic writing business. The best companies offer money-back guarantees. It is because they know you’ll never need it since they always provide quality. Still, it’s not the case here.

8. EssayService Com — the Most Terrible Service

The Essayservice review proves that this service is one of the most avoided academic writing companies online. As you have seen here, students are right to keep away from this platform. They don’t prioritize the quality they give the clients. They assign critical tasks to inexperienced individuals. What’s worse is that the EssayService site is not transparent with the pricing. The writing service promises one price, and pay way more even after using its discount codes. Besides, as any other will tell you, getting a refund from this company is like pulling teeth. They offer free revisions instead, but the quality never reaches clients’ expectations. When you think the EssayService.com support team will handle such cases, they don’t. Why waste your time and money on such a company? If you think of getting your papers from this platform, continue your review search! Find a reliable company that always puts your needs first.

9. Key Advantages & Disadvantages


10. Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have tons of questions regarding this service. No one wants to take a gamble their money, let alone their studies. Here are answers to some common queries.

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