EssayUSA Review — Bad Service for Medium Prices

EssayUSA — should you consider it? Well, why wouldn’t you: the website’s homepage is very modern-looking, and the agency is seemingly well-reviewed. There are no oddities stand out like a sore thumb, as you enter the platform. However, all impressive and jaw-dropping statistics are complete lies.

In this EssayUSA review, we’re determined to uncover what this company really is. It’s just a scam that’s designed to pull money out of learners. Still, there’s no need to trust our words blindly. We’ve decided to examine this service up close by going to them and getting a couple of papers.

In the end, turned out to be a completely different kind of experience, instead of what was advertised. We learned that the “numerous positive customer reviews” are practically nonexistent, and the writing expert’s qualifications are highly questionable. You will find the results of our review down below.

Is Trustworthy at All?

“Is EssayUSA legit?” is a great question to ask. You can start answering it yourself, in fact. How? Simply review the platform’s main webpage and look for small peculiarities. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Grammatical and lexical issues on the webpage
  • Buttons that don’t do anything
  • Statistics that aren’t backed up by any links

“Does EssayUSA scam?” stops being a question when you google their reviews on other websites. There are much less than 500 claimed positive reviews, and most of the existing ones are lower than 4 stars. You can try and check their every claim on the main page to find no proof of their words.

Nonetheless, has a lot more to show us. The points we just mentioned are only red flags. Whenever you notice such aspects in any particular writing service, you should be alarmed. With EssayUSA, the real scam is in the services they deliver.

What Are Their Services Exactly?

The EssayUSA essay service can complete a lot of other academic tasks. You can have anything done from your book review to even programming assignments. That is a big amount of variety. However, they also offer job application packages and general speeches.

Actually, EssayUSA service can do just about anything, as we learned from the review. After a small chat with a representative, we’ve discovered that the agency is willing to write anything we want. Also, the agent was persistent that they have a corresponding expert to any task we’ll throw at them.

The existing EssayUSA reviews and what we’ve been told contradicted each other completely. It left us wondering what kind of company they are and whether they really have an expert for everything.

What Quality Does EssayUSA Provide?

The review of EssayUSA writing leaves much to be desired. When we received the first paper, it was full of lexical and grammatical issues. After reviewing it further, it became obvious that the person completing the paper never read the book. Additionally, the whole piece had no coherent structure.

EssayUSA quality control and order review process are surely poor: the second work we received was bad, too. When we tried to employ our “free revisions,” both papers were only fixed at grammatical and lexical levels. Our review comments we simply ignored.

The EssayUSA writers that are working on your tasks can be easily accessed via a chat window in your account. From talking to them, it’s easy to understand why the quality is so low. They make tons of mistakes. The promised “native experts” clearly learned English as a second language.

EssayUSA Registration

Registering and using EssayUSA login to get on the online platform is quite easy and not that excruciating. The website has its own system for tracking user registration and logging in, as well as it supports Google authorization. Although having a choice is great, but when one option is utterly insecure, it’s not a choice anymore.

Using their system is putting your data in danger. Why? They email you the login details, which is incredibly easy to get access to. So, please, use Google authorization. The practice of emailing your username and password is unsafe, which is why no big company does it.

The EssayUSA sign in disproves the platform’s claims that they value security above all. It’s such a simple thing to avoid, and yet, they don’t address it. Who knows how they’re handling your personal information? With such a lax system, you can expect any level of neglect.

EssayUSA Prices and Promo Codes

The EssayUSA prices are at least easily accessible, as they have a dedicated webpage for it. Yes, they advertise the lowest possible price per single page of content. Still, props to the platform for disclosing their pricing matrix with which they calculate the price of all orders. Now, let’s get to the weird parts when you start reviewing the prices webpage closely:

  • The differences between academic levels for order completion are not explained anywhere
  • The “advanced writer” addon is ordering a native speaker, although that was promised for free
  • The two other addons are not clarified anywhere on their website at all

An EssayUSA promo code is an easy thing to get for newcomers on the platform. On their website, you’ll find it repeated multiple times that first-time users receive a significant markdown. Well, we don’t know how significant 10% off to you, but it’s a nice little feature. However, remember other companies reviewed by us offer and guarantee these addons for free.

A single EssayUSA discount code of 10% doesn’t do much when the addons together increase the price by 40%. Not choosing them isn’t possible because you want a native English speaker to complete and recheck your task.

Finally, the website has some loyalty plan, where the charge per page decreases overtime for you. For review, we tried to get some specifics out of a representative, but they refused to tell us. So, there’s no proof of whether it actually exists.

EssayUSA Customer Support

Of course, this EssayUSA review will mention how bad the waiting times are. On different occasions, you can be waiting for an hour or two for anyone to join the conversation. So much for around the clock support.

Curiously enough, responds to prospective customers faster than those who’re already logged in. We tested this at different hours, and the result was the same. It is definitely not how to treat buying clients.

Furthermore, the platform mainly uses a chatting bot for simple customer care. Similar programs are employed all over the web. So, it’s not a negative aspect at all. It has limited functionality, can only give out a promo code or send a couple of relevant links. When the bot is met with a difficult question, a human representative steps in (of course, if one is available).

EssayUSA.Com Will Scam You, and You Won’t Notice

The EssayUSA review will conclude in a negative tone because it’s what you’ll get from this service. At first glance, the platform is very reasonable. The initial prices don’t seem too high. However, it is where they catch you by:

  • Letting unqualified people complete your assignments
  • Not fully revising the final result, avoiding structural changes
  • Charging for “addons” that should be free
  • Misleading you with small promotions
  • Ghosting you for hours as you wait for an answer is not a writing platform to be trusted, and that’s our verdict. They are unapologetic scammers that will take you money and run away with them.

Dismiss EssayUSA as an option and pick something else ­­— the review’s bottom line. Tons of other companies will deliver a much better experience than this one for cheaper.