EduGeeksClub Review 2020: An In-Depth Look

This EduGeeksClub review is written with the sole purpose of helping you choose a trustworthy agency. With so many of them present, picking a reliable platform is almost bordering on the impossible without a review. Trusting a writing agency to do your school tasks for you should be approached very carefully, as you might agree.

With almost no extensive EduGeeksClub reviews present online, we knew that we had to test their service. After all, if you fall victim to a scamming agency, the following can happen:

  • You won’t receive any finished paper after you pay
  • An unprofessional writer will work on your paper
  • The piece you get will be full of plagiarism

For our review for EduGeeksClub, we examined the platform and everything it has to offer thoroughly. We bought a few papers, studied their web presence, and engaged with the representatives. It gave us the full picture of the company and its operations for the review.

Sadly, turned out to be just a bad writing service. It’s evident even from their prices and the quality of work to their customer communication. Everything they do is subpar, and not the kind of things a client should ignore.

Is EduGeeksClub Trustworthy?

“Is EduGeeksClub legit?” Well, why don’t you take a look at their main webpage? What you’re going to see are paragraphs of continuous text, going on about how great the platform is.

It’s not user-friendly. And if you go through the content, you will be just left puzzled. The website’s structure has no logic, and the text reiterates the same points repeatedly.

Additionally, “Is EduGeeksClub unsafe?” isn’t a question you’ll find an answer to. Why? Strangely enough, although the agency was reportedly found in 2004, there are no reviews of it on independent websites.

EduGeeksClub doesn’t inspire trust when you enter their website initially and try to learn more about them. There are no reviews from actual customers, and their webpages crash when viewing on a smartphone. These facts alone are very suspicious.

EduGeeksClub Services: A Disappointing Array of Choices

The EduGeeksClub service offers only the most common task types. It includes dissertations, essays, term papers, lab reports, case studies, theses, etc. But you won’t find anything extra. Covering only the standard bases in academic assignments isn’t good at all. Let us explain why.

Most of such writing services have loyalty programs. So, as you order more and more different assignments from a platform, you get an increased discount. Here, if you have assignments that aren’t in their medium line-up, you’ll have to hire other agencies.

It means that your work towards lower charges per page gets spread out. As a result, you might not even get a loyalty program discount. It is a big factor because working with such writing agencies continuously will end up costing you a lot.

EduGeeksClub com could surely improve their offering options and create a better experience for their clients. However, it seems like they developed their array of choices in 2004 and stuck to it. They can’t evolve to bring better service, which is a sign of how they care about their customers.

Review of EduGeeksClub’s Writers and Support Agents

Regarding EduGeeksClub’s writing, it’s definitely not the best quality we ever received. Apart from the abundance of grammatical issues in the papers for review, some parts were completely plagiarized. We checked the pieces with our plagiarism software and found numerous matches online, rewritten word-for-word.

EduGeeksClub’s writers should be qualified to complete your papers, but that’s not what we experienced. Although the platform doesn’t mention that the writers are native English speakers, what we received for review is unacceptable.

EduGeeksClub’s support was the next destination for us, as we received low-quality papers. There are two ways of contacting the support team’s representatives: via chat on the website or phone. We decided first to use the chat, but all we got was a bot repeatedly asking how they can help us. We weren’t getting redirected to a human representative for two hours — too much for 24/7 availability.

Our EduGeeksClub complaint wasn’t getting anywhere. So, we had to call them. After yet again waiting, a representative picked us up and started revision tickets for the plagiarized works. The way the platform handles the issues is plain horrendous: being ignored for hours is very frustrating.

EduGeeksClub’s Prices & Discounts — Nothing to Get Excited About

As to EduGeeksClub’s prices review, it’s not particularly positive. The rates per page across all task types and academic levels are too high. The lowest price point per page is $20, which isn’t just above the market average. It is one of the highest charges per page on a writing platform we’ve ever seen.

What’s more, the deadlines they have are too long for such big prices. We would understand such costs if the deadlines for the tasks were short. $20 is usually the charge per page of the essay you need for tomorrow. However, on this website, it is a starting price for an order with a 2-month deadline!

You get an EduGeeksClub’s coupon code for using their service for the first time, which decreases the price by 15%. Still, that is completely insignificant even after applying such a markdown to the full price of your order.

If the EduGeeksClub’s discount code cut down the price more, only then using the agency would be viable. The way the prices are right now on the platform, it just makes no sense to choose this company over others.

Our Verdict in the Review — Pick Something Else

EduGeeksClub doesn’t live up to all the promises they make. The service isn’t reliable or accessible. You have to fight your way to talk to a human representative, and even then, the communication is very slow. Summing up our review in a couple of bullet points:

  • The work is plagiarized
  • The writers aren’t native English speakers
  • The deadlines are too long
  • The prices are too high

We don’t recommend at all after our review. Many other options are available that are cheaper and deliver better quality. Using the platform is gambling big amounts of money. You might get a good paper, or you can get a horrible one.

The bottom line of our EduGeeksClub review is the following: “Don’t use this service!” Spend a bit more time and look for a better option by reading reviews of other agencies.