Dissertation-Service.org Review 2020 — A Comprehensive Look

Dissertation-Service.org offers to do an incredibly hard piece of academic work for you — complete your dissertation. It is a massive undertaking. If you fail to deliver a good paper, you’ll be rejected your Ph.D. title. Having your academic record negatively affected isn’t an option, as you can agree.

Our Dissertation-Service.org review looks to clear up any mysteries surrounding the agency. You must choose where to have your dissertation written carefully. So, with this review, we’re empowering you to go on and make the correct decision.

Dissertation Service was examined by us methodically and systematically. For the review to be all-encompassing, we did the following:

  • Studied their website and web presence
  • Ordered a dissertation from the platform
  • Reached out to support and managers

The review conclusions turned out to be not so good for Dissertation-Service. It left us with a horrible impression of the agency, which we’ll discuss right below.

Is Dissertation-Service.org Reliable? — The First Sight

“Is the Dissertation Service legit?” — is how we start our every review. It pushes us to study the web for mentions of the platform. Dissertation-Service is an old agency: it has been on the market since 1997. Of course, with such information, we thought the Internet would be filled with real-life customer reviews of the service.

However, “Does Dissertation-Service scam people?” turned out to be the next thought on our minds during the review. Why? Quite bizarrely, although the agency is so old, there aren’t a lot of reviews of it on the web. SiteJabber, having only 12 reviews that are maximum a year old, definitely made things suspicious.

This custom dissertation writing service turned out to have paid to get positive reviews on other websites. We noticed that bigger reviews of Dissertation-Service repeated word-for-word on different websites. All things combined made the agency look very untrustworthy.

Review of the Types of Services Offered: Highly Specific and Nonsensical

Of course, the Dissertation Service org has a focus on one specific academic assignment — the dissertation. So, their line-up of services isn’t impressive at all: all they can do are simple papers based on writing solely.

Seeing that neither the customer reviews nor paid big reviews mention other offerings, we can throw them aside. Even their own website has no references to the other types of work, apart from the order form’s list. So, you can easily think of the platform as only for dissertations.

The Dissertation-Service offer in the extended order form is much more interesting. There, you choose the quality level and academic level of the paper, which is nonsensical. Why would anyone get unmatching quality and academic levels? It was designed exclusively to take more money from clients. Including strange services that you must pay for, it isn’t how good writing agencies should work.

Are Dissertation-Service.org Writers Any Good? — Not Good Enough

We’ll come out boldly: Dissertation-Service’s writing isn’t good at all. In fact, we should call it bad and not suitable for handing it in as a finished assignment. Let’s start with grammatical and lexical errors. First of all, there are so many of them that it’s almost absurd.

Then, there’re the questions on the assignment’s inner structure and logic — there is none. The chapters in the dissertation go from one unrelated topic to another. Inside the different chapters, the paragraphs have no flow whatsoever, as if they were taken from different papers. It turned out to be true because the paper was partially plagiarized.

With such Dissertation-Service’s quality, we, of course, had to request a major revision. However, the writer only dealt with the plagiarism by exchanging words for their synonyms. We highly doubt that the company’s claimed “Ph.D. experts” are experts in anything at all.

Dissertation-Service Registration, Order Form, and Design: Outdated & Unintuitive

The Dissertation Service’s login button is at the top right-hand side of the website. So, you can access it anytime. What’s peculiar is that you can’t sign up on the service and review it yourself. You must buy from the platform to get such access, which is frustrating.

Of course, Dissertation-Service.org has another much more annoying aspect to it. What’s that? It’s the constantly opening chat window, which is controlled by a bot. The same irritating message gets repeated to you over and over, as you’re browsing through their website.

Moreover, Dissertation-Service’s website design looks like it’s straight from the 1990s’. The website’s layout does remind of old, blocky Internet designs that aren’t interactive and quite ugly. Besides, there’re countless paragraphs on each web page. The text content of the website is repetitive and often doesn’t make any sense.

Dissertation-Service’s Prices and Discount Codes: Not Accessible

Dissertation-Service.org prices aren’t affordable by any means. Most students won’t have the money to use the service realistically. The smallest charge a page of academic content is $20. However, that’s the undergraduate quality and high school academic level. Choosing other levels will make the price jump instantly.

Dissertation-Service’s prices review is frustrating for clients. How so? The platform’s main page has a price calculator, but it’s tuned to show the lowest price. The real price gets revealed in the extended order form, and many customers get caught off guard with this trick.

Even the Dissertation-Service’s coupon code won’t help with the price. Also, the people at the Dissertation-Service decided that making clients pay for commonly free service features is a good idea. They have a VIP Service Package that includes two features. The first — a top 10 writer will complete your dissertation, and the second one — it will be proofread.

Receiving a measly Dissertation-Service’s discount code when you pay for a free feature is plain disrespectful. Proofreading is standard practice, and making it cost money is disrespectful. Just like having the VIP support feature, which amounts to not waiting for hours on the platform’s representative response.

Dissertation-Service.org Customer Support: Unresponsive

Dissertation-Service’s support is entirely another problem. First of all, there are only two ways of communicating with the agency’s representatives meaningfully — phone or webchat. Don’t even try to email them, because you’ll never get a response this way.

When you try to use Dissertation-Service’s chat, you must choose whether you’re an existing client of theirs or not. If you choose the former, you will be connected to a human representative almost immediately. If you choose the latter option, then you’ll have to deal with the website’s bot. You might get redirected to a human in such a case but waiting for an hour isn’t realistic at all.

For the review of Dissertation-Service.org, it isn’t good. Calling them will get you through to them directly. Still, making paying clients wait and throwing them for a loop is simply deceitful.

Dissertation-Service.org — It’s Quite Bad

Hopefully, our Dissertation-Service review opened your eyes to the kind of platform that it is. It’s unreliable, the quality of service and support is low, and you pay for nonsensical features. Although the agency isn’t a scam per se, it’s definitely on par with the scamming organizations. Our review can be easily summed up as follows:

  • Dissertation Service.org promises of high quality and top writers are not fulfilled
  • The clients get often ignored, having to wait extensive periods
  • The package features are designed to extort money from customer
  • The platform’s image and web presence are sketchy and suspicious

Dissertation-Service.org is possibly one of the worst companies to entrust your dissertation, as we’ve seen during our review. We absolutely cannot recommend their service after getting such a low-quality paper and bad communication for so much money.