BoomEssays Review 2020

BoomEssays is a website for students at secondary and higher educational levels. Through their promotional material, the agency says that they provide academic help. Of course, getting assistance as you’re learning is nothing out of the ordinary. Assignments are plenty, and deadlines are short. So, it’s tough, wouldn’t you agree?

However, our BoomEssays review has discovered that you’ll be much better if you delegate tasks to some other company. We reviewed and observed how the platform operates through our little investigation. We did the following:

  • For the review for BoomEssays, we bought a couple of assignments from the platform
  • Inspected all the webpages of their website
  • Reached out to the support team
  • Evaluated references to the agency on independent sources turned out to be not such a great choice. Late deliveries, ignoring requests, ghosting, and low quality — all that we’ll discuss in the review below.

BoomEssays: Is it Reliable? — It’s Questionable

“Is legit?” was one of the first questions that came to our minds as we reviewed their website. Honestly speaking, every page is a cluttered mess. The design isn’t that engaging. The main problem is how much text is everywhere.

“Will scam us or not?” became the center thought for us immediately. The website is made roughly, with a ton of information that’s repeated over and over. It’s a sign of unreliable agencies. Of course, their main webpage is filled with 5-star reviews that worship every aspect of their service.

“Is BoomEssays safe to order from?” To discover it, we went to third-party websites for a review. The feedback was a mixed bag of experiences: 50% of reviews were extremely negative, while others were awfully positive. It is a definite red flag because a reliable agency would have an even distribution of feedback.

Services Offered: Too Suspicious

BoomEssays com has a wide line-up of available offerings to their clients. What’s strange about it is that the array of choices goes far beyond what an ordinary academic platform has. That is quite suspicious.

BoomEssays service has a whole different “Type of Service” section, apart from common essays, movie reviews, and articles. They can also do the following types of tasks:

  • Copywriting (press releases, website content, blog posts, etc.)
  • Job application (resumes of different, odd levels — entry, professional, and so on)
  • Editing (research papers, term assignments, lab reports, etc.)
  • Admission packages (personal statements, scholarship essays, and so on)

However, during the BoomEssays review, we saw how they target students on most of their webpages. It went in stark contrast to the service-specific pages where the client transitioned from a simple student to a businessperson. This point surprised and confused us, as the platform’s main message was unclear and chaotic.

Quality of Services: Are BoomEssays’ Writers Good? — Doesn’t Seem So

Coming to BoomEssays’ writing, there are quite a few big problems with it. Although the processes of ordering, uploading instructions, and paying are effortless, the result of the work is just bad. All 3 papers that we’ve gotten for the review through the platform aren’t good enough to hand in.

The BoomEssays’ quality isn’t what they claim it to be. Their website, as well as the customer support team, indicated that we’d receive top-of-the-line, high-quality finished tasks. However, that wasn’t the case at all: at best, all the papers could give is a passing grade. Still, handing such poorly made assignments is a big gamble that we wouldn’t recommend anyone doing.

Additionally, delivered two tasks after the initial deadline. What we experienced was more in line with all the negative reviews from independent websites. If you want reliability, don’t choose this agency.

BoomEssays’ Registration and Design — Quirks and Oddities login is pretty straightforward — you do it via a website-recognized email and your password. When you log in, you’re taken to a differently-looking page that can be better described as a one-page web application. It’s strange how much the client’s personal account differs from the rest of the website.

Can’t find BoomEssays’ signup button? You can’t, because it doesn’t exist. To get registered on the platform, you have to purchase from the website. No preview of the cabinet and no interaction with the website until you give them your money.

As mentioned previously, their design leaves you wanting more: it’s inconsistent and chaotic. You have unending sheets of words to go through. The text itself contains tons of repetitions of the same phrases and consistency issues. It is especially true when you review other website pages as if it was all made in a big rush.

BoomEssays’ Prices and Promo Codes: Misleading

Our BoomEssays’ prices review discovered that the platform has steep prices, greater than the market average. Even the cheapest reviewed offering (lowest quality possible, entry academic level, and the longest wait time) is still pricey. $13 for a page that’s of the high school level — it is unacceptable.

They mislead their potential customers easily by including the lowest price everywhere on their platform. When things come to ordering and buying the assignment assistance, you’re met with completely different prices. The charge for a page can go as high as $54.

Although any BoomEssays’ coupon code will reduce the price down by 15%, it won’t matter in the end. As soon as you create any order for a decent-sized task (10 pages and more), the price will skyrocket. After reaching the ranges of $400, $500, and so on quickly, 15% don’t make a big difference.

Finding a BoomEssays’ discount code is a completely different point. Yes, you receive a first-time user markdown. Yet, their website boasts about their regular promotions with countless discounts given out. However, we didn’t receive any loyalty program discounts or other ones in the following months after our review orders.

Is Customer Support Available?

BoomEssays’ support can be reached through phone, email, and an online chat window. The platform states that its support team is available 24/7, but we found the opposite to be true. Contacting the agency at different times, you might end up waiting for an hour or even more.

BoomEssays’ contacts are surely outsourced. The customer support representatives don’t know English very well, and many small miscommunications will happen inevitably. When you try to get a revision or a refund, you’ll have to wait for one of the platform’s manager’s decision. On its own, it can take several business days.

People who write for BoomEssays are also often left in the dark, not being able to contact the agency’s administrators. It is a point found in a review on an independent website. So, the agency provides horrible communication to everybody who’s outside the platform.

BoomEssays Com — Think Very Carefully Before Choosing This Service

The people at don’t care about the quality of papers they provide their clients with. Just like they don’t care about the clients themselves. Our review made it crystal clear: the only thing they’re after is money. It is the reason behind bad communication and sketchy terms.

Obviously, the negative reviews have a foundation in reality and are accusations with proofs. As we have seen in our review, this agency should be avoided at all costs, if possible.

BoomEssays isn’t the type of platform that you can trust blindly and give your money to, knowing you’re all set. No, if you choose this agency, you must be prepared for several bad outcomes. It includes late paper delivery, having to rewrite the task, not being able to revise the assignment, etc. You’ll be much better off by avoiding using the platform completely.