Essay composition does not end as soon as you’ve composed the final line. So, to make sure that you get the highest possible grade for your brainchild, proofread and edit your text thoroughly.

If you’re sick and tired of home assignments or simply don’t have any spare time for that task, feel free to use professional essay proofreading services. Such a provider can polish your text to perfection, helping you get the grade you deserve.

As soon as you decide to use online proofreading services, the question of choosing the best provider pops up. There are tons of websites offering timely, competent, cheap, and expert help, but how realistic are those promises? Furthermore, how not to fall prey to one-day scams that rob light-minded clients and never deliver the promised product?

To help you select the best provider fitting numerous quality and credibility criteria, we have created this website featuring the reviews of the best proofreading services. Here you will find all intricacies of choosing a reliable provider, together with the quality marks and red flags to keep an eye open for.

Best Proofreading Services

We have done much work search across the Web and have come up with the list of best proofreading sites that you can surely trust.

Here are some examples of top market players enjoying an excellent reputation online and delivering top-notch proofreading services to their clients.

  • A massive team of experienced, professional editors.
  • Quick order turnaround, with urgent order coverage.
  • Competent review and multi-level editing.
  • Reasonable pricing policy.
  • Free revisions available.

  • 24/7 support with competent managers.
  • Affordable prices for all editing work.
  • Money-back and revision guarantees.
  • Ability to choose a preferred editor.

  • A wide choice of experienced editors.
  • 24/7 coverage of orders, with quick coverage of urgent orders.
  • Excellent quality and depth of proofreading services.
  • Early-bird discounts on editing orders.

  • Student-friendly prices for editing and proofreading services.
  • Discounts and special deals for loyal customers and on large orders.
  • 24/7 support from managers on all issues.
  • Coverage of 30+ subject areas.
  • Expert editors are available for every academic discipline.

Now that you know which companies rank as the best online proofreading services let’s cover their evaluation and review path. Here we disclose every step of our evaluation process so that you know what it takes for the company to take a deserved place on our list of market leaders.

How to Find the Best Online Proofreading Service

As soon as you decide to seek help from a professional online proofreading service, the dilemma of choosing the best one comes up. How to choose a website that will indeed deliver on its promise? What price is too high or too low for such services, and which one is just right?

At this point, you can resort to the assistance of others or conduct your investigation. Here are some options to consider.

  • Ask friends

Looking for an editor is a much more acceptable option than seeking someone who will write a paper for you from scratch. Hence, there is nothing shameful or ethically challenging about asking colleagues or groupmates for advice on editing services.

If you’re an ESL learner, you must use such assistance, as you might not have the natural feel for the English language required for completing a flawless assignment. Even tutors often recommend students to hire an editor or ask more knowledgeable peers for an objective review.

  • Search online

You can also try to find providers on your own through an independent Google search. It’s pretty easy to come up with dozens, if not hundreds, of variants simply by typing “hire proofreading services online” and feeding your inquiry into Google. However, it is the quality and credibility of service that you’ll find that deserves special attention. Don’t believe the sweet promises that every website hastes to give; check each of them thoroughly before deciding about paying money to any of them.

  • Become a detective

Once you have found a couple of variants online, it’s time to start looking deeper into the quality of their services. Don’t just focus on the promises on the main page; look at their guarantees, such as free revisions and refunds for subpar products. Ask the questions that trouble you to support and check how responsive they are. Make screenshots of their answers to have evidence later.

  • Use the fruits of others’ review labor

Some services, like ours, are specifically aimed to inform the public about good and bad academic providers. So, you can opt for our professional reviews resulting from an expert team’s careful, insightful work instead of wasting your time to reach the same conclusions. We work day and night to ensure that you don’t let anyone fool or rob you. Thus, even if you don’t find the review of a website that interests you on our website, drop us a note, and we’ll be on it.

Top Criteria For Choosing the Best Proofreading Site

How can you know that you’re turning to the best proofreading service? Here is a brief review of quality criteria that we look at during our website evaluation. You can use this checklist in your individual reviews to ensure that your choice fits the widespread quality parameters.


One of the critical quality and usability criteria at which we look is the website’s turnaround. Some companies claim to have a super-fast system of registering and handling orders. Still, they take too much of your time on the order registration, payment, finding a suitable writer, and finally delivering the assignment.

Under such conditions, there is no chance to get help with urgent assignments as you’ll spend hours registering your order. Therefore, we assess the speed of order registration and completion by placing a test order and comparing the factual turnaround with the promise on the website.


The pricing policy of proofreading services provider also matters much as you don’t want any surprises and hidden fees in order completion. Thus, we monitor the market of proofreading services and compare each provider’s rates with the market standard to inform you whether you’re paying too much, suspiciously too little, or enough to get a high-quality service.

Writer Competence

The quality and reputation of proofreading services are determined by the level of writer qualification and competence. Thus, you need to go the extra mile to find out the available options.

Does the website have an option of choosing PRO writers? Are there both ESL and ENL writers employed? Who will edit your work? All these issues need to be clarified before paying for proofreading services. Otherwise, you’re buying a pig in a poke.

Support Quality

The quality of support you receive in the process of receiving proofreading services is also crucial. What if your editor gets unresponsive all of a sudden? What to do if you send feedback or questions to your writer but get only silence in return? What if your order is delayed? You need quick access to support to have all these issues resolved, and the variety of support channels and support quality become instrumental in this regard.


Once you place an order, you should be ready that something can go not as initially planned. So, it would help if you always had Plan B to get your money back or have the issue resolved competently and promptly. This is what timeliness, originality, and refund guarantees can ensure.


In addition to all the factors we mentioned above, we always look at the provider’s overall user-friendliness.

Is everything transparent and clear on the website? Is it easy to place an order? Are all contact channels available? Double-check all these points before placing an order, as you need to use only easily navigable websites, especially when you need to get things done quickly.

How Do We Determine the Best Proofreading Service?

Here is a recap of our website review process presented in a step-by-step form.

  • General impression. At first, we visit the reviewed website to create a first impression about it. Is it user-friendly and clear? What will you see on the first page? Are the services easy to find?
  • Service range. After checking the website’s relevance and user-friendliness, we go on to the service range the company provides. Customers should have the freedom of service choice; otherwise, why stick to this provider?
  • A look at guarantees. Guarantees are usually not displayed on the front page, but you need to double-check what you’re entitled to if something goes wrong. So, our experts go to Terms and Conditions, Our Guarantees, and Refund Policy pages (if they are available) to double-check what guarantees the company gives and under what conditions they come into effect.
  • A test order. Promises are promises until they are tried and tested. So, we order proofreading services from every company we’re reviewing to see how well they work in reality.
  • Customer reviews. Besides taking a personal look at the website, we review what others say about it. For example, are there many satisfied clients on Reddit, Yelp, or Sitejabber? Is the rating of this company high on Trustpilot? We take all these things into account when evaluating the website.
  • Final verdict. Now that things get clear and we have a complete impression of the website, we write the final review for you, including all our findings and expert evaluations. Enjoy!

Who Reviews the Companies?

Now it’s time to find out who stands behind our proofreading services reviews. To deliver objective, trustworthy reviews to users, we have hired a star team of reviewers with hands-on experience in the academic writing and editing niche. They know what makes a good and a bad academic provider, looking for those issues and assessing the website from all possible angles before arriving at the final verdict.

So, you can be confident in the truthfulness and objectivity of our reviews as all of them are a result of careful, meticulous work conducted for days, if not weeks, for an objective and informative test of the service we’re recommending.


Still not sure about how to choose the best proofreading services online? Here is an FAQ section outlining the key points of concern and interest among our users. Possibly, you can find an answer to your question here as well.

Why Do I Have to Proofread My Papers?

Proofreading of academic works is essential as you may miss some errors and typos in the process of writing. Thus, only a second (or third) look at your text can help you spot those minor issues and rectify the text. Tutors consider such typos and inconsistencies to signify the writer’s carelessness and reduce points dramatically. To avoid such a loss in points, you should go over your written piece at least briefly, spotting those typos and defects easily.

What Does Thesis and Dissertation Proofreading Include?

Proofreading of larger works, such as theses and dissertations, is a different type of editing work requiring much focus and meticulousness from the editor. Editors should make sure that all headings, fonts, and margins are consistent throughout the manuscript at the proofreading stage. They also check for the text’s mechanics, including typos, tense agreement, grammar, and punctuation.

Are the Companies Mentioned Here Legit and Reliable?

Yes, you can use the services of the companies mentioned above without any worries or doubts about the quality of service. We’ve tried each of them and remained satisfied with the service quality they render at each stage of collaboration with students. They also have competent support and user-friendly prices, which makes them reliable and trustworthy altogether.

Is It Worth to Pick Free Online Proofreading Services?

Sure, you can try some of them, but you should keep in mind that nothing is done well for free. People earning money on editing and proofreading will hardly do an in-depth review of your assignment free of charge. So, you can get some superficial, quick look from an editor or get some automated proofreading solution for free. But we still recommend complementing it with an in-depth review by a competent human editor to achieve the best result.