Best Essay Writing Services Reviews in the UK

We reviewed nearly a dozen professional writing services based on their pricing.

  • On-time delivery is guaranteed.
  • Safe payment options.
  • Affordable rates.
  • 24/7 support from customer care.

Rating: 4,9/5

Price: From $17

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Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • 14+ years on the market
  • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • 24/7 uptime of the contact team.
  • Big selection of school fields.

Rating: 4,5/5

Price: From $12.46

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • A simple ordering process
  • Free school essay samples.
  • A cool blog with helpful school tips.
  • Friendly and understanding client support.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $12.46

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 2.0 Hours

  • Providing aid for more than 10 years.
  • Great emphasis on each tasks’ originality.
  • Strict compliance with the instructions.
  • Lots of experts readily available.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $15

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours

  • Extremely affordable ­– from $11/page
  • A quick expert assignment process.
  • Highly secured with web protocols.
  • Safe customer protection policy.

Rating: 4,3/5

Price: From $11

Discount: Get of 15%

Time delivery: 3.0 Hours


Students often fail to comply with all pressing deadlines and expectations in their educational institutions. Besides attending lectures and completing homework assignments, students often need to take care of their dorm rooms, cook food, wash their clothes, and work part-time to provide for their living.

All these duties simply can’t fit a regular 24-hour day, and even postponing some critical tasks until the weekend won’t help; such a hectic regime can soon result in burnouts and nervous breakdowns. A wise solution in such cases is to seek help.

If you study in the UK, essay writing services can help you, giving you much-needed free time and confidence about high grades.

But how can you find reliable, trustworthy essay writing services in the UK if there is so much scam today? Hundreds of websites claiming to be the best have flooded the Internet, but is there any truth behind their promises?

We have received many requests from users to give an in-depth evaluation of academic services they come across, and here’s how our review website emerged. Here we compile reviews of top-rated custom essay writing services UK to help students make informed decisions and pay only to reliable companies.

Best Essay Writing Services in the UK

Here is our top list of writing services in the UK that we sincerely recommend to users. Choosing any of the named websites will give you peace of mind and guarantee the high grade you deserve for your money.

  • Service by top writing experts and editors.
  • A competent, responsive support team.
  • Affordable prices with discounts.
  • Quick turnaround.

  • Robust security and confidentiality guarantees.
  • 24/7 support.
  • A huge team of writers from all corners of the world.
  • Robust encryption of website protocols.
  • Safe payment gateways.

  • 24/7 availability of writers and managers.
  • Student-friendly prices.
  • Competent QA review of all papers.
  • Zero plagiarism.

  • 50+ subjects covered.
  • Free revisions.
  • A refund policy for all orders.
  • Native-speaking writers.

  • Numerous freebies are coming with all orders.
  • Low prices and discounts.
  • Financial security guarantees.
  • Writer samples.
  • An extensive educational blog.

How to Find Genuine Essay Writing Service Reviews

Essay and dissertation writing services UK reviews often look perfect, urging you to think of paying to some provider right away. But we recommend taking a deep breath and consulting other sources as well.

Blind reliance on positive reviews may be unwise as many companies pay people for positive reviews while, in reality, there is no “stellar quality” or “excellent support” behind those praises.

Here’s how to distinguish real and fake reviews — a secret list of tips our experts use during reviews.

Too Good to Be True

During testimonial reviews, a typical situation is to see numerous overly positive reviews that don’t contain any details. General phrases like “enjoyed the service so much,” “thumbs up guys,” or simple “thank you” are usually minted by marketers to increase the website’s rating on review websites.

As a rule, people who used a service tend to share many details of their collaboration experience. They name the writer, tell about the pros and cons, point out some details, and give a final recap. Paid reviews can’t give such details because their authors don’t even understand the service’s peculiarities.

Too Short to Be Real

Two-word reviews like “thanks you” or “good service” are also mostly fake. Once a person decides to post a review, they are usually more eager to share the details and experiences — why waste time placing five stars or 1 star then?

Thus, we rarely trust short reviews as they are used for automated increase of ratings, nothing of help for people considering the service.

Intentional Errors

All of you have sometimes come across totally careless reviews containing lots of typos and written in very primitive words. Such reviews are also fakes meant to mimic the language of an international student.

Still, we bet that even international students have an adequate English language level as they communicate with messengers and on social media.

So, they are surely able to compile a couple of simple phrases thanking for the service.

Salesey Language

Salesey, openly advertising reviews are always fake as even users satisfied with the service have no interest in urging others to buy the same services. The only case in which there is some personal interest in service promotion is participation in affiliate programs. But the law requires people to indicate the potential conflict of interest, and ethical promoters typically state that they will earn a commission from affiliates.

No Author Details

It’s normal for people to order academic help to conceal their identity. Still, you should see that it’s a real person, not a one-time account without photos, names, and location details. Hundreds of such “anonymous” accounts saying that the service is gorgeous are not a valid reason to pay to that website.

These tips are equally relevant for UK essay and dissertation writing services as all marketers generally resort to similar website promotion strategies.

So, you will be much better positioned to choose an outstanding service by singling out such fake reviews and paying your attention only to the reliable, detailed, and honest testimonials.

How We Rate and Review Essay Writing Services

Now let’s talk in a bit more detail about how we review the paper writing services in the UK. Each website has some specifics of working with clients, such as different pricing terms, different writer-client communication policies, and payment methods, among others.

Yet, some universal quality standards allow an objective assessment of what to expect from a service. Thus, you can always be sure that you maximize your chances of finding a top provider by ticking all the points discussed below.

Writer Team

No academic provider has chances for success if there are no qualified, competent writers on the team. Even a couple of poorly skilled and noncompetent authors can stain the reputation of an academic helper forever, so reliable companies go the extra mile to recruit only the best talent. They employ rigorous selection methods and multi-stage aptitude testing to ensure that only the cream of the crop joins their staff.

Support Quality

24/7 support shouldn’t be a bold promise in the academic writing business because students from different corners of the world order papers at different times of day and night to be on time with submissions. Thus, a company working round the clock is a more reliable option for students wishing to obtain their orders before the deadline.

Support should be responsive and quick across all channels offered on the website, thus ensuring prompt support and informative assistance on all questions and concerns.

Pricing Policy

Different service providers charge different rates for the same academic works, and it’s your task to determine whether the rates are over-or underestimated for no reason. It’s better to choose a company with a price range around the market average as too costly services usually reflect nothing more than an extensive investment into the company’s marketing and promotion.

Revisions and Refunds

When coming to a new website, you might expect an ideal product delivered on time and in full compliance with your requirements. But things rarely go as planned, and you might need some improvements, revisions, and amendments after the final product’s submission. Ensure that you have the right to free revisions; otherwise, you can pay a double sum for one paper.


The speed of order turnaround also determines the companies’ trustworthiness and reputation. Students are always in a hurry, so they want to place orders quickly to be on time with assignments. Filling out lengthy forms and going through multiple ordering and signup stages might push students away from a service, so credible providers try to make their ordering forms intuitive and simple.

Coverage Variety

It’s always critical to make sure that you can turn to one provider with various assignments; otherwise, you will need to register on multiple websites, which can make your life harder. We check the service variety during our reviews to see what subjects and assignment type the company can manage. The more, the better are the chances that this website can become your go-to provider for years.

Security and Confidentiality

Security of using online services is a critical criterion as you don’t want your private personal or banking details to circulate the web and get into the hands of hackers. Thus, websites that we rank high should exhibit all signs of adequately secured and encrypted environments where the users feel totally safe.

Who Reviews the Companies?

We have created our website intending to consult users about the best essay and personal statement writing services in the UK and worldwide so that students don’t waste money on scams and receive solid academic support. With these objectives in mind, we have hired experienced writers with practical experience working in such companies and having an insider view of what distinguishes good and bad services.

Based on their knowledge and competence, we can now produce thorough, honest, and highly informative assessments of every academic website with end-to-end coverage of all intricacies and details of dealing with it.

The criteria we have for new authors on our website include:

  • Impressive command of written English.
  • Analytical mindset and attention to detail.
  • Experience of work in the academic writing industry (3+ years).
  • Objectivity and thoroughness in reviews.

Besides, we rely on user commentaries and reviews to produce the final assessment texts. So, you are also active contributors to the review process, helping us present complete, valuable data to other students considering several providers and needing help to choose the top service.


Still wondering on which essay writing services UK review you can rely upon? Here are some additional issues often worrying students in the process of choosing an academic helper.

Are essay writers online native English speakers?

Most top providers of academic help promote their services as premium-level assistance, basing those claims on the fact that they hire only ENL writers. Still, we have found many trustworthy and credible companies where both ESL and ENL writers are present on the team. This diversity allows companies to serve international students better, as such clients usually ask for less stellar English and less perfect grammar not to cause supervisors’ suspicions.

How can UK academic writing services help me?

Typical providers of such services give students a broad range of help options, from choosing a topic to research to source selection to outlining and writing the paper from scratch. Some students might complete their papers independently and seek expert editing help. Besides, tech or science department students might assign lab reports, mathematical problems, and programming tasks to qualified writers.

Will I get a plagiarism-free essay at these writing companies?

Yes, every credible and reliable provider has a zero-plagiarism policy that prevents any likelihood of receiving copy-pasted papers. All products are checked by the QA department first, with editors ensuring the paper’s compliance with academic standards of grammar, style, and originality.

When I hire someone to write an essay for me, what should they guarantee to provide?

As a rule, you agree with the writer that they will deliver a paper based on your instructions (topic, length, number and type of required sources, referencing style). The delivered product should be not less than the paid word count and contain a title page and a list of references. It should be grammatically correct and free from typos, exploring the topic you assigned.

Besides, it needs to be original and competently written in line with your academic level.