Best Dissertation Writing Services Reviews

We reviewed nearly a dozen professional writing services based on their pricing.

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  • Safe payment options.
  • Affordable rates.
  • 24/7 support from customer care.

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A dissertation is an advanced academic research and writing piece that usually serves as the culmination of your higher education. By completing a high-quality, well-researched dissertation, you can show that you have captured your academic subject with all of its intricacies well. Besides, dissertations often serve as proof of your independent research work and your ability to contribute to the academic area with original, thoughtful insights.

Thus, as a rule, dissertations and theses are given much value in academic institutions. Students should approach dissertation writing as soon as they have mastered basic research and academic writing skills. As tutors give much attention to the dissertation quality and do not let students graduate without their successful completion, many students get nervous about dissertation writing.

What to do if your dissertation time is approaching, but you lack time for substantial research or do not understand the fundamentals of research methods? The wise idea is to entrust your project to a qualified writer. But finding a good one is problematic as too many online providers claiming to be the best hire non-skilled writers with a lack of professional knowledge and poor writing technique.

To help you out and inform your selection process, we have reviewed our website’s best dissertation writing services. Now you can study the list of top providers and choose among the most reliable companies corresponding to your expectations and academic criteria. Don’t leave the choice of a dissertation provider to chance; the stakes are too high, and the cost is your graduation!

Best Dissertation Writing Services

Here is the list of top dissertation writing services we have found online thus far. You can study a detailed review of each by following the review link.

  • Qualified dissertation writers available 24/7.
  • Coverage of 30+ academic areas.
  • Urgent dissertation orders are possible.
  • Affordable prices.

  • Broad coverage of academic topics and subjects.
  • Specialized dissertation writing and editing team.
  • 24/7 support on all order-related issues.
  • Safe payment gateways and a variety of payment options.

  • Timely assistance with dissertation orders.
  • Availability of free extras.
  • Affordable prices for dissertation orders.
  • Discounts and special deals for regular clients.

How to Find a Professional Dissertation Writing Website

When it comes to selecting a dissertation service provider, customers are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of online companies claiming to be the best but delivering works of varying quality. So how not become a victim of one-day firms by choosing the provider wisely? Here are some tips from our experienced pros that may inform your search and vendor selection process.

  • Ask peers for advice

Dissertation services are pretty popular among students of all levels. Many people also use the external provider’s help to combine studies with work and family life, having no time for extensive research. So, you’re sure to have someone around you who has used such services and remained satisfied. But be careful about asking only close friends and peers as the information about your searching for an academic provider can accidentally reach your supervisor, thus costing you a grade.

  • Get social

It is easy to find services’ reviews online, but don’t be too quick to believe the on-site testimonials. As a rule, those testimonials are composed by the content writers creating the website content, with no real people behind those praises and admiration. But if you reach out to Reddit, Yelp, or Trustpilot users, you’re likely to get more objective information about the website you want to use.

  • Use expert reviews

If you have tried the methods that we’ve mentioned and still can’t come up with a solid choice, then it’s time to turn to experts. Here, on our website, we publish only trusted reviews composed by people knowledgeable in the academic writing area and have tested each website’s service independently. So, you can rely on our experts’ opinions in choosing the provider, knowing that your expectations will be met.

Top Criteria for Choosing the Best Dissertation Writing Service

Dissertation services currently offered online differ by the range of features and perks for the clients. So, how can you determine whether the service is indeed trustworthy? What criteria are the most important ones, and which ones are of secondary significance? Here is our list by which we determine whether to include websites in our dissertation writing services review or not.

Pricing Policy

The prices set by the company are of primary importance for most customers as a dissertation usually contains many pages. Thus, even if the price on one website differs from another one by $1-2, you may end up paying $200-400 more (or less) for the same quality of work. Thus, our experts check the price range of each reviewed website and compare it to the market average to show whether you’re paying a reasonable price when ordering a dissertation.

Revision Rules

Dissertation writing is a process, so this service should also be perceived as a process, not an outcome. Writers should submit the work chapter by chapter and should be open to revisions (within the range of original instructions, of course). Always check the possibility of ordering the dissertation chapter by chapter or placing the order on hold while your supervisor reviews the next draft.

Range of Deadlines

Deadlines matter much in the process of dissertation order placement as you may have one month for such work or may need it within six months. In most academic writing companies, the support enables ordering a paper with 60 days of deadline maximum. Thus, it would be best if you decided whether you’re ready to get the entire work within two months or you need to place the order in parts so that your supervisor has enough time to check progress drafts.

Keep in mind that some companies allow limitless revisions on dissertation orders (meaning that you can come with a free revision request in 2-3-4 months and will get it), while others close the order permanently in 2-3 months. In this case, you can receive revisions only by placing a new order and paying for it, although the revisions may be eligible for a free change by the writer.

Covered Formats

The formats in which writers work also matter much when choosing the service you want to use. The reason for this is that your educational institution may have a specific format for your dissertation’s referencing, while the website may cover only standard referencing formats. Ensure to specify this requirement with the manager as you surely don’t want to spend days re-formatting your dissertation afterward.

Ability to Choose a Writer

The policy of writing assignment is a significant criterion in choosing the service for your dissertation, especially if you’re ordering the paper chapter by chapter. You don’t want to get in a mess of several unrelated authors writing different chapters of your work. So, find out from the manager whether they can fix one writer for your entire work (and whether you need to pay any extra money for that).


The ability to get a refund is a critical quality criterion as things happen. So, if your work is far from what you expected in terms of grammar and content, you should be able to receive your money back for a subpar assignment.


Quality and availability of support also make a difference. For example, if your writer is non-responsive or the paper is delayed, you need to have an opportunity to clarify the issue at any time of day and night.

How Do We Determine the Top Dissertation Writing Service?

Readers often ask us how the rating of specific websites is determined on our website. Here we share the service rating algorithm that affects how we evaluate companies in our dissertation writing and dissertation editing services reviews.

  1. At first, we scan the market and make a list of top providers passing the initial screening. The initial eligibility test is quite simple, with the reviewer visiting the website to check whether it works, contains the indication of dissertation writing services, and whether the website has any contacts, payment options, and official data about the company. Sometimes we complement the list with our readers’ suggestions and perform reviews of the websites you ask us to consider.
  2. The second stage is checking the website’s user-friendliness and overall usability. There should be all essential components of an academic writing provider interface, including the provided services, prices, deadlines, complexity levels, subject areas, etc. Finally, we check whether the information is readily available and understandable.
  3. Third, we check the websites specifically for dissertation services (if they don’t specialize exclusively in dissertations and offer a range of other academic writing types). We do this to determine the difference between regular and dissertation prices, the deadlines offered for dissertation projects, and any other specific details the website needs to complete dissertation work.
  4. Next, we place an order on the website we’re testing. Again, it is done to have tangible evidence of the quality of writing and support service without relying on ambiguous online reviews and testimonials.
  5. During the order’s completion by the website, we ask numerous questions to writers and support to test their responsiveness and competence.
  6. After the product is received, we evaluate the quality of writing, timeliness of submission, and the speed and quality of making revisions to the final file.
  7. Upon completing all the steps mentioned above, we produce the final review and present it to you.

As you can see, we do extensive work to produce every review you’re reading here. So, these reviews can indeed be trusted, with our experts checking everything on their own without relying on unknown online reviewers’ statements.

Who Reviews The Companies?

Who is behind every dissertation writing services review on our website? Are these people qualified and competent enough to judge who deserves your trust and attention and who doesn’t? Here is our response.

All expert reviewers selected to our team are proficient academic writers with many years of practical experience. In addition, ally worked in several companies and know the essential quality and reliability criteria that matter when choosing such a service. Thus, they can assess both the client-side and the service side of any website, suggesting whether it will be safe and comfortable for you to use its services.


If you still have questions on any aspect of custom dissertation writing service use, here is the FAQ section our pros compiled to help you out further. Here you can find the answers to questions that trouble our users most. Maybe your concern is also covered below.

Is It Legal to Get a Ph.D. Dissertation Help?

Yes, using the qualified dissertation help is a legal undertaking (in terms of legal business). However, it’s better not to inform your supervisor that you used outside assistance. All academic institutions around the globe encourage independent, individual work on research projects, so your project completed by someone else will fail.

Are the Companies Mentioned Here Legit and Reliable?

Yes, we have included only the top-rated dissertation service providers in our list to help our users choose the best provider with solid academic success guarantees. In addition, our experts have conducted a thorough review of each website to double-check its legitimacy and reputation. As a result, all of them are safe and secure for use.

What Is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

These are typically completed at more advanced levels of higher education. For instance, you may be required to write a dissertation to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. But suppose you prefer to continue studying and qualify for a Ph.D. In that case, you’ll need to compose a Doctoral thesis with original research, relying on primary data you have collected with an instrument that you designed.

Is It Safe to Use Dissertation Writing Services Online?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use online services. Still, it’s always necessary to conduct preliminary research and choose only the best dissertation service fitting specific security, legitimacy, and reliability parameters. The market of academic writing services is broad and mature, but new scams and one-day firms emerge online every day only to steal your money, offering nothing in return.