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Essay Writing Service Reviews [2021 Updated]

Searching for the best essay writing services? Aren’t you tired? After looking through dozens of webpages, you can agree that picking a task writing platform is frustrating and annoying.

Some of the more infuriating aspects of this process include:

  • Not knowing which writing platform is a legit one
  • Not being sure whether the service will deliver on its promises
  • Having no guarantees that only qualified experts will complete your task.

We can aid in your “writing an essay” problem. The web is full of essay writing platforms that claim to assist learners with their school tasks. However, we conducted our own thorough investigation of these services. Now, we know which writing platforms you should avoid and which you can lean on without any worries.

How will we assist you in this matter? – You’re probably wondering. As we were searching through the web, we came upon tons of great academic task services and decided to list them. In this article, we will first talk about the biggest questions regarding school task aid.

Every student faces many challenges during college or university studies. Perhaps you faced these difficulties and decided to turn to the service for writing academic papers for help. Especially an essay takes a lot of time, attention, and effort.

But how do you choose the best online writing services for your needs? You can find the answer below, as we tried to make an independent and honest review for you and notify you about the differences, advantages, and details of cooperation with each of the top essay writing services.

Why Do Students Need Help from Essay Writing Services?

Have you heard about a cheap essay writing service from your classmates, but you are still unsure if you need any help?

To answer this question, we need to examine why other people use such services. The main reasons behind this are:

  • They have too many writing tasks to complete them within deadlines;
  • They want to focus on learning theory because the course material is quite complex;
  • Their average course score is too low to pass it;
  • They have many responsibilities outside of studying, e.g., family issues and work.

The list can go on and on, but essay writing help deals with such problems of young learners. How? The task-completing platforms empower their users with the freedom to do whatever they want to do.

You require a proper college essay writing service if you have issues with grades, writing, study burnout, insufficient time, etc. As a consequence, you’ll acquire ample time to either explore the learning material more or hang out with friends.

Why and When Do Students Contact the Service to Order Essays?

Are you running out of time to cope with the influx of tasks? Are you in another country and do not have access or time to the Internet? Are you sick or psychologically unable to start writing an essay? You do not understand the topic, and any other sources still cannot help you? At first glance, it seems that the opportunity to get a positive assessment will become impossible, but know that you can always turn to specialized top essay writing companies for help.

The popularity of such services has given many students a lot of students to get out of a difficult situation and get a good grade, which affects the average grade per semester. But everyone who first encounters such a need can get lost among the many options for services that can be verified by experts or not.

Of course, you can consult with friends or classmates, but this does not guarantee that the service is safe and effective. Therefore, for your convenience and safety, the best online essay writing services reviews have protected many students from cheating or plagiarized work.

The Process of Ordering and the Work of the Writing Service

Each writing service for students has its peculiarities of placing an application or order. In most cases, you register on the site by entering contact information for communication and personal data to quickly log in to the service. What is it for? First of all, it will be much more convenient for you to log in to the system, track each stage of the order, and be in touch with the manager and the executor.

Secondly, many sites have bonus and discount systems that can lower the cost of your next order. This is especially important for those students who have a limited budget but still need to order an essay due to the lack of the ability to do the work independently. Let’s move on to the ordering procedure.

  • You enter personal information.
  • Order type, subject, discipline.
  • Write the number of words or pages, formatting, document type.
  • You can also choose the language in which the work should be written.
  • You choose the deadline and the cost of the order.
  • In a particular field, you indicate the details, requirements, features of the assignment. You can also specify what type of writer you want, as there are ESL and ENL writers.

Search for Honest and Reliable Essay Writing Service Reviews

When you start looking for the best essay writing site on the Internet, first of all, look for those sites that fully describe popular services. Of course, we must warn you that not all sites with reviews are honest, and some sites have ordered essay writing websites reviews that do not have the drawbacks of a particular service. Fake reviews can be identified when comparing sites to reviews, but this can take a long time.

Therefore, we can advise you on how to find a reliable and honest website. How can I check this? Pay attention to these details.

Only positive paper writing services online reviews

As you know, nothing is perfect. There is a weak point in any service, and only the best services can provide you with all the conditions for convenient use. In other cases, real and honest experts will consider it entirely harmful. Still, with all the pros and cons when writing a review.

Of course, there are times when an expert can praise a site or criticize a lot, but if the service is excellent and famous, you can additionally read reviews about it from other sources.

Essay or dissertation writing services reviews that are too short without details

When you see a concise service review site, you can be sure that the expert did not try to do a good review. Other vital factors are illiteracy, general non-informative phrases, poor English.

Advertising tone of information presentation

When you read a review and notice that it sounds like an advertising call to use the service, it’s a sign that the review was most likely ordered. A real expert will objectively describe the best essay writing services without a call to action. He can only recommend a service based on benefits and merits.

Lack of information about the expert who wrote the review

After each review, there should be a part on the page about who and which expert wrote the review because it must be a natural person who conducted the research. If you can’t see who wrote the review, it was most likely a commissioned writer who might have written a fake review. There should be information about this expert.

Who should write the review? These cannot be ordinary people who are not involved in this area. They are often academics, educators, SEO experts, professional writers, and advanced copywriters. All of them should be familiar with all the features of this area.

Be careful and critical when analyzing such descriptions, because choosing the right and reliable service can ensure cooperation for you throughout the educational process.

Can You Be Calm and Trust All Sites With Your Essays?

After doing a lot of research, we can tell you that not all sites have a good reputation. Some of them were noticed on fraud, as well as on the fact that the site administrator did not return money for the task if it was not completed. Unscrupulous employees of such services may not comply with all requirements or copy text from other sources.

Also, not all sites have a security system and preserve the confidentiality of each user. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read paper writing services reviews for those sites you would like to use.

What are the advantages of our site with reviews of essay writing sites

Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that each student is confident that the service we have described is safe and reliable. We only make honest and objective reviews based on all positive and negative comments. We disagree to be paid for a good review, as our principles of honesty are higher than benefits.

All our experts describe each service’s nuances and details, paying attention to shortcomings or difficulties. You, as users, can also invite us to describe the essay writing service. We will honestly check it and describe all the nuances, advantages, and disadvantages of the platform.

How and Where Is the Selection of Sites for Writing an Honest Review?

Before you start describing the trusted essay writing websites, you search for many different sites in Google or choose those that users offer us. Some experts find services on sites where users leave comments and reviews about different essay writing services.

We take into account both popular and unpopular services. We also describe services that can offer both an extensive list of services and highly specialized ones, for example, those that offer only dissertations or only essays.

How Does the Process of Writing a Review of an Essay Writing Site Work?

Writing a quality essay is an essential task for us and our experts. This is what we work for. Therefore, each expert is attentive and responsible for each stage of his work. We do our best to ensure that each review is written, efficiently, and informatively. Why is everything so serious?

Every student who is faced with the need to order any academic work wants all work to be reliable and confidential. This applies to payment, legal protection, quality of work, deadline fulfillment. We carefully check and research everything that the customer needs. How does the research of each academic writing service work?

Search for services

We find a site, look at how many years this service has been working, study all the pages, pay attention to the details of the platform’s convenience. An important step is to read user reviews themselves. This is where we can see both negative and good user reviews. There we can see what difficulties users faced during the work. After carefully analyzing this information, we can move on to the next stage.

Trial order of work.

To make sure that the service workers are doing their job well, we make a trial order, for example, an essay. At this stage, we observe how the manager, the performer, the customer support service works. Are we asking such questions? Is the application process fast? Does the manager answer all questions quickly? How does the contractor get started? Did he take into account the specifics of the requirements of the university? Have I been informed about the deadline and so on? Only after receiving work and making edits can we analyze how well the site and service workers work.

Reading reviews on trust sites

This is another critical step, as negative reviews on sites can be removed or filtered. It is on trust sites such as SiteJabber and TrustPilot that we can see honest reviews from users. But we are always critical of each review since the emotional coloring can differ significantly from reality.

Social media monitoring

We also read reviews on social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, as there you can sometimes see discussions and comments.

It is this approach that provides the most detailed and objective assessment of each service. The relevance of each review is also an important aspect, as services can improve the quality of their work, and we are very pleased that after our reviews, the ordering process for each student can be improved. In this way, we can save users from inconvenient, unscrupulous, and unreliable sites that can still cause difficulties for users.

What Aspects and Details Do We Pay Attention to When Writing a Review?

Each service, as you know, has its advantages and disadvantages. To describe the site as informative as possible, we pay attention to many important details to do a high-quality review.

Ease of ordering

Each site has its checkout form, in which you write your information and job description. We make sure that the ordering process does not take much time and that a personal manager quickly responds to this request.

Payment systems

After or before you receive the finished work, you will need to pay for it. Therefore, our task in this matter is to analyze the convenience and affordability of payment. Are there popular payment systems out there? Can you pay in any other way convenient for you? Is the payment system reliable? Will your personal information be shared with third parties? Are there any difficulties in paying? How quickly they will help you with your questions. We take all this into account when writing a review.


When ordering an academic paper or essay for trial order, we analyze how quickly and efficiently the support service solves issues. For some students who have a different schedule, there must be a 24/7 support service, so we also pay attention to this.

Advantages and disadvantages

During the research, we highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of the service. These can be problems such as the lack of popular payment systems, an inconvenient interface, the lack of a night support service, too high prices, and so on.

The presence or absence of Terms of Use

Each student can read the site rules before starting cooperation to know the specifics of work, the refund system, etc. This section also describes the legal aspects that you also need to consider before getting started.

Site reputation and reviews

Trust and reliability of cooperation are fundamental aspects. After researching the site, we can then tell you whether to trust a particular service. Is there any plagiarism in work performed? Are there any gross mistakes? Does the site have a good reputation? Is everything okay with the refund for the backlog? Are edits done quickly? We are always ready to answer these questions!

Money Back Policy

Some students may find it difficult when a writer doesn’t wholly work, doesn’t adhere to requirements, or doesn’t deliver on time. In such cases, the customer may request a refund, which is correct, but some sites may not return funds, which is terrible. We take this factor into account when describing the site since every student can get into a similar situation, and therefore you need to know what rules are set on the site.

There may be a situation when they can return the funds to you, but not to your card with which you paid, but to the balance of your cabinet. This is inconvenient for those users who no longer even use the services of this particular site where the problem was. This function may not exist on some sites at all, so we describe it in the review.

Privacy Policy

We understand how important it is for each student that his personal and financial information is not passed on to third parties. Therefore, we closely monitor that the site has privacy police. After all, reliability and safety is a crucial aspect of cooperation with an essay writing service.

Writers’ skills and quality of writing

Some sites may offer you two types of writers. Its ESL and ENL. The difference between these writers is that ENL writers are fluent in English and are familiar with the nuances of this language. The quality of their work is essential for those who study at a very serious university in the USA and England and those students who study in the philological or humanitarian direction.

Service list

We understand that essays are not the only academic work a student is faced with, so we look to see if there are other types of work on the site. But remember that the quality of service does not depend on an extensive list of services. Many highly specialized services do their job perfectly. But if you need more than one type of work, you can look at a review of services that offer almost all types of services.

Availability of prices

We all understand that most students do not have a huge budget, and therefore this is another key and essential factor. The price/quality ratio must be fair and democratic. Therefore, if you see a site on which prices are too low, then most likely the quality of such work may be low or less than average. Helping a qualified research author or writing an essay cannot be lower on average $ 10.

Why exactly such a minimum price? When you think about it, pay attention to the fact that it is worth adding to the work of the contractor the work of all service personnel; operators, managers, and other employees. In this way, you will understand why a reliable and responsible company does not demand too much.

What Types of Work Do We Research When We Write a Review About the Site?

When we start writing a review about a site, we are familiar with the list of services that a particular site offers us. As we said, there are highly specialized sites and those that can offer a large selection for ordering work. What are the most popular queries among students?

Writing an Essay

This type of work is found in school, college, university, and some students may have difficulties, which he cannot start work. Or he simply does not want to do this and therefore turns to a writing service for help, whose specialists can help him. A specialist can quickly get to work and can complete it in a short time. This is very convenient and effective if your semester grade is essential to you.

Dissertation writing

This is one of the most challenging academic work that requires a lot of time, effort, and energy. When a student simply does not have time to complete the work or circumstances do not allow him, he can order work at the service and then devote time to other equally important work in the course of his studies.

Specialists of popular and responsible top-rated dissertation writing services quickly and efficiently perform work on time, quickly make the necessary edits from the customer, and are always open to discussing details if something may not be clear to you.

Research paper

Research work also causes some difficulties, especially for those students who do not fully understand the topic or the subject in general. Research writing companies and specialists with many years of experience come to the rescue, who are happy to help you carry out research work and write a Research paper.

The quality of such work will meet your or general requirements, so you can be sure that the text is free of plagiarism and that your teacher will like this work. You can look at the best research paper writing services on our website.

Writing a Resume

Such a need is faced not only by those people who are looking for a job after university. This type of writing is needed before entering a serious university. If you cannot understand who you are, what advantages you have, etc., a professional resume writing companies specialist can help you. He will write your resume informatively, in detail, beautifully, and in a short time. And this is very important when you want to go to a certain university.

You can find the most suitable and convenient site for you in the top online resume writing services, where the best services are shown and detailed reviews are made on them.

Proofreading and Editing

Such a need is faced by students who, for example, have good mathematical knowledge and knowledge in the field of exact sciences, but who have problems with the humanities. If you know that your style of presentation or poor English, you can always turn to essay editing services specialists who can help you. They will correct all your mistakes, indicate what needs to be added to the text, and give you recommendations, etc. Essay proofreading services can also be useful for non-native English students, but essay requirements are very high.

Homework writing

Homework is given to all students, without exception, but this type of work may be uninteresting and not worthy of attention for most students, but it must be done in any case. Therefore, turning to a specialized service for help, you can free up time for more important topics: reading, walking, meeting with family or friends. You should only pay attention to the fact that you need to describe the task in as much detail as possible to avoid misunderstandings between you and the performer.

Who Conducts Research and Reviews of Academic Services Sites?

Our team of experts consists of many specialists from different fields. These are educators, marketers, scientists, Internet researchers, editors, advanced copywriters, and analysts.

All our experts qualitatively analyze all information about the sites, responsibly approach their work, take into account all the needs of students who want to use the site’s services for writing academic papers. By combining all our skills, knowledge, and experience, we make truly informative reviews that are read by many students around the world, and we are always happy to be helpful to you!

Can I Add My Comment to Your Site or Service Review?

Of course. You can leave both large and small comments about how you collaborated with a particular service. We will be glad to receive your positive and negative feedback since, in most cases, it is based on your comments that we conduct research and may notice difficulties with the services.

Each of your comments will also help the administration of that site troubleshoot and make your use more convenient, reliable, and enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you encountered and what you think of the site. After all, your opinion is critical to the site administrations and us.

Based on your comments, we can recommend sites to other students who are also looking for a reliable site. This helps to make the right choice of a service that users can use for many years and recommend them to friends. Of course, each student can try several options at once and then decide which is the best one.

After all, this is all individual and subjective. Also, pay attention to the country of origin of the company as the UK and USA have different eligibility criteria.

We wish you to safely find the best service for you based on our reviews. We are always here to help you and answer all your questions. Your opinion is important to us!


Each student who is faced with the need to order academic work is faced with many questions, and our task is to answer them in as much detail as possible. Below you can read the answers to the most popular and important questions if you are still in doubt about whether to order a paid essay or other academic work.

What is the best academic writing website?

On the internet, you can find many reviews describing the top 5 or 10 top essay services. These collections have been compiled from research conducted by experts in the field of review writing. We’ve also compiled a selection of the best list of essay writing services, but we can’t pick the best one as they differ, and each has its pros and cons.

You can choose the best academic writing service for you based on what is your priority and what is important to you in the course of work.

How can I find the best and safest essay writing service?

You can choose the best site based on the information that the review offers you. You can compare several sites and decide what you need. Since, for example, one site may please you very much, but there will not be the type of task you need.

I want to place an order on the platform. What do I need to know?

All this is done to save you from troubles that may arise during work. Reviews were also written to describe in as much detail as possible all the nuances and features of the work. After all, some may not like the deadline or the form of payment. This is very important for those students who want to choose a platform for long-term cooperation.

Will I have no trouble with the law if I order a paid essay?

Yes, it is completely legal, and you will not have any legal problems because of it. Trusted and reliable sites offer you all custom rules and private police to keep you out of trouble. Rest assured that it is safe for you, but you should read a review about it to choose a reliable site.

Can I be sure of the security of cooperation on all sites?

Not all services are safe to use. This is since some advertising companies can order a review, but with us, you can choose an absolutely safe site since the main thing for us is honesty, truthfulness, relevance, and reliability.

Can I safely order an essay on any website?

Not. Some services operate in bad faith or transfer personal information to third parties. Therefore, our task is to warn you about bad sites that can bring you more problems than good.

Is it dangerous or normal to use the services of such sites?

It is completely safe if the site is reviewed, researched, and recommended for use by experts. In other cases, a negative review, comment, or review is written.