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Not Every Essay Writing Service Is the Best Essay Writing Service – Here’s Why

The academic writing market has over two decades of history to date, rising in popularity together with the popular spread of the Internet and the advent of online learning. Correspondingly, the number of companies offering help with academic assignments is also steadily increasing, with numerous providers competing for the students’ money and trust.

However, the reality of this market is that a student can rarely find 24/7 support, dedication to quality, and top writer expertise that all providers promise on their web resources. A quick fact check shows that most websites to write essays are of mediocre quality, and it’s tough to find your best fit for all academic challenges and tasks you’re facing.

So, what should you do as a student to identify the right provider for your academic needs without risking your scarce funds and an academic reputation? Here is an ultimate guide to quality checks of academic providers and a manual on spotting scams online.

What Happens When You Order Writing Assistance Online

Let’s imagine that you need academic help and look for an essay writing service online. What happens as soon as you place an order and pay for it? As a rule, the process of work is standard:

  1. You fill out the ordering form in the website’s calculator and receive the final quote for your assignment. It usually serves as the final price for your paper, which you should evaluate and decide whether it’s okay for you.
  2. You pay for the order via any of the available payment gateways. Different providers have a varying range of covered payment methods, so we recommend choosing the safest ones, such as PayPal or a bank card.
  3. Next comes the writer assignment process. You may either participate in it and choose the best match for your order based on the writers’ bids or leave it all to the company’s manager. Our analysis of user reviews shows that a manual check is much more reliable as you have a chance to talk to each writer and make sure that they understand your project. However, the system doesn’t work well with urgent orders. In this case, you need a writer assigned urgently, while bidding and evaluation take time.
  4. After the writer’s assignment, you may relax, waiting for the final product’s delivery. If you wish more control of the process, you may include the progress reports into your bill, and the writer will be obliged to share their work progression with you, waiting for your feedback and confirmation.
  5. The final point in the work process is to review the final product. You need to look through the paper and evaluate it thoroughly to see whether it needs further improvements or not. You may close the order once you’re satisfied with everything, and the paper becomes downloadable after the order’s confirmation.

Risks Associated with Online Writing Services

What can go wrong when you order writing services online? In fact, this affair is hazardous overall, and working with an unreliable company may exacerbate the risks you endure. The first risk is that you first pay and then find out whether the company can complete your order. The second serious risk is the ability to evaluate the paper only after your professor grades it.

Also, keep your eye open for the following hazards:

  • Your firm may disappear with your money, stating that the payment did not go through or simply stopping to respond to your inquiries.
  • You may fail an assignment because the company will not find a suitable writer for your order after you have paid for it. If you have no money to order papers from several providers, you need to entrust the destiny of your paper to the company.
  • You may receive an assignment that doesn’t comply with your initial requirements. It’s a shame to get a poor-quality paper that you cannot use at the verge of the deadline, which means that even revisions won’t help; you will be late with the paper.
  • You may be assigned a non-responsive writer who keeps you not informed about the order’s progress and makes you nervous. The writer may submit the order at the last minute, urging you to introduce revisions on your own to be on time with submission.
  • Your order may be delayed, thus bringing all your efforts and expenditures to naught. If your professor is picky and demanding, they will reduce your grade for a late paper, no matter how good the content is.

What About Your Security?

Every paper writing service takes proper care of its security settings as students don’t want to be exposed to excessive risks when ordering papers from such companies. It’s enough to undergo the risk of exposure at one’s academic institution, which is grave enough to cost a student a spot at college or their academic reputation. Thus, to avoid such risks and problems, every student placing an order online to get essay writing help should check what security parameters they enjoy in that company.

What should an average consumer check when coming to an essay service? Here are the fundamental issues for a field check that distinguish top-rated companies from fake or mediocre ones, so don’t ignore this check to keep your money and reputation secure:

  • NDA agreements with writers.
  • Encryption of the website.
  • Availability of a refund.
  • Availability of free revisions for substandard work.

What About Your Privacy?

What degree of privacy can you expect when you pay for essays online? Most essay writing services position themselves as systems with robust security settings. Still, in reality, too little comes true when you start using a dubious service.

First, your financial and personal data gets stored in the company’s database as, without that information, you won’t be able to pay for the order. Second, the writer may access your personally-identifying information if the assignment requires that. Third, some companies trying to maximize their revenue from online operations sell their databases to marketers and advertisers, thus giving your personal information to several third parties.

So, how can you maximize your data privacy in such a company? First, we recommend choosing websites with robust encryption and protection from hackers. It’s usually referred to as DMCA protection, ensuring that your data won’t be stolen from the system. Second, you should double-check that all personal information and your files’ properties are erased from the files you submit for the writer’s use. Third, use a pseudonym or your ID in the system to communicate with the writer.

These basic precautions can protect your privacy and save you from many online troubles.

How to Avoid Scam Writing Websites – Top-5 Tips

How to find your best essay writing service and avoid scammers and fraudsters preying on your money online? Here are the key parameters of quality and trustworthiness that we have singled out throughout the analysis of the academic writing industry.

#1 Check the company’s legal details

The majority of online businesses providing writing services conceal their legal information because they are duplicates of one primary site. Some companies choose this approach to marketing as it’s easy to mint dozens of website clones and close the ones that were poorly rated within one day. Only companies that are not afraid to show their legal ownership display those details, which you can usually find in the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use sections.

#2 Search for reviews online

The data on one’s website is what they wrote about themselves. Even if 100% of that information is accurate, it’s still worth double-checking everything. So, go to Reddit, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and other review websites like ours to see what real people say about this resource.

#3 Ask support for additional proof

If you don’t understand something or can’t find vital information on the website, ask for support in the live chat. Always take screenshots of their responses so that you have tangible proof of your eligibility for a discount or a refund when the time comes to claim it.

#4 Check the data about writers

Reputable providers showcase their writers’ talents and expertise as they have nothing to hide. It’s a good sign if your provider has writer profiles, an open rating of their staff, and samples from various pros on the website.

#5 Know your rights

An essential tip for students considering academic writing help is to know what they’re entitled to in any company. If you need a plagiarism report, and the website says that you will get it free of charge, you should insist on getting it without extra payment. Revisions within 14 days should be unlimited, and a refund should be provided if all conditions are met. So, dedicate some time to studying each website’s paperwork and choose the one with clear, appealing terms.

Writers That Can Be Trusted – Do They Exist?

Now let’s discuss the common trouble students seeking online help encounter – finding genuinely professional essay writers who possess the expertise and skills they need. Indeed, it’s tough to make sure that the company you’ve chosen has the required experts and can assign a writer of top-level to your order. In most cases, even paying for a top-30 or top-10 writer may bring you no results, as you may have no chance for checking the writer’s identity and rank in the company.

So, the main tip we can give to students is to check the writer’s expertise at once. Ask them to give you an outline for review and explain the strategy they have adopted to complete your order. Stay in touch and give your input to the writer. Your activity may maximize the chances for successful order completion and increase your satisfaction with the service you receive.

What Are the Best Writing Services on the Web?

How to tell that you’re working with a company able to deliver the best college essays on your demand? Summarizing everything we’ve discussed above, we can provide the following list of criteria distinguishing a genuinely reliable service you can trust:

  • Transparency of legal and financial data.
  • Positive reputation online.
  • 24/7 support by competent human assistants.
  • Availability of a large writer team.
  • Availability of an option for you to pick one of the writers from the list of bidders.
  • Free revisions.
  • Availability of refund for substandard works.
  • A clear revision and refund policy with details about eligibility.
  • Flexibility in terms of payment methods.
  • Availability of special deals and discounts.

Can You Get Cheap Essays of Good Quality?

You might falsely conclude that websites that write essays for you charge large sums of money for their services. However, it’s not true. The rules of modern digital marketing determine who’s in the top 10 list of search engines, and that’s not always a top performer in the industry. Thus, you need to search two to five pages of Google search results to identify several companies worth your attention.

Compare their pricing, ask peers on the Web for their reviews, and choose the provider that ticks the largest number of points on your list. Keep in mind that quality is not always equal to high pricing, and many companies have been enjoying high popularity and trust among customers online, specifically because of a healthy balance between pricing and quality.

More Tricks to Differentiate Scammers

As soon as you decide to use an essay writer service, keep these issues in mind and don’t pay to the first provider you find online. Choosing a dependable provider is a rigorous analysis process, and it’s short-sighted to trust a company only based on the information it provides on its website.

Don’t forget that the firm’s representatives write the content on the official website, so it may not reflect the actual state of affairs. Thus, it’s much wiser to search for additional sources of information, like online forums and review websites, talk to previous clients of the company, and form a more nuanced idea of what you can expect from a provider like this.

Now you’re much better equipped to search for the best essay writing service. Look through the options we cover on our website to see which providers fit the requirements we’ve mentioned here. Our team of experts has been working hard to weed out all doubtable and low-quality providers and single out only the top-performing brands for your utmost satisfaction.

Good luck!


Each student who is faced with the need to order academic work is faced with many questions, and our task is to answer them in as much detail as possible. Below you can read the answers to the most popular and important questions if you are still in doubt about whether to order a paid essay or other academic work.

What is the best academic writing website?

On the internet, you can find many reviews describing the top 5 or 10 top essay services. These collections have been compiled from research conducted by experts in the field of review writing. We’ve also compiled a selection of the best list of essay writing services, but we can’t pick the best one as they differ, and each has its pros and cons.

You can choose the best academic writing service for you based on what is your priority and what is important to you in the course of work.

How can I find the best and safest essay writing service?

You can choose the best site based on the information that the review offers you. You can compare several sites and decide what you need. Since, for example, one site may please you very much, but there will not be the type of task you need.

I want to place an order on the platform. What do I need to know?

All this is done to save you from troubles that may arise during work. Reviews were also written to describe in as much detail as possible all the nuances and features of the work. After all, some may not like the deadline or the form of payment. This is very important for those students who want to choose a platform for long-term cooperation.

Will I have no trouble with the law if I order a paid essay?

Yes, it is completely legal, and you will not have any legal problems because of it. Trusted and reliable sites offer you all custom rules and private police to keep you out of trouble. Rest assured that it is safe for you, but you should read a review about it to choose a reliable site.

Can I be sure of the security of cooperation on all sites?

Not all services are safe to use. This is since some advertising companies can order a review, but with us, you can choose an absolutely safe site since the main thing for us is honesty, truthfulness, relevance, and reliability.

Can I safely order an essay on any website?

Not. Some services operate in bad faith or transfer personal information to third parties. Therefore, our task is to warn you about bad sites that can bring you more problems than good.

Is it dangerous or normal to use the services of such sites?

It is completely safe if the site is reviewed, researched, and recommended for use by experts. In other cases, a negative review, comment, or review is written.